Laxman the founder of Lakshynews

Hi Friends,
My Name is (About) Lakshman Prasad the founder of Lakshynews.com I am a Tool/Statics website developer by Profession but a Blogger by passion.

I have known about blogging and Affiliate marketing since 2022 but I started a website/blog www.lakshynews.com in 2024, Lakshynews is a blog for Rural and Urban readers and viewers, here you will get multiple information related to UP Yojana, Web Stories, Telecom Sectors, Mobile Gadgets, Care Appliances, TV News, SEO, Articles.

If you’re kept interested in reading new posts and news information related to these categories then you can join me with www.lakshynews.com and all social media pages.

Because, I will deliver all the latest content on my social media platform related to these categories, and you will get to read all the content.

where did I get the new blog/website-making guide?

I was running the internet on my Android phone in 2019, and suddenly I was redirected to another page, where I looked and read the complete information related to how we can create a new blog and earn money through Google Adsense.

after this, I decided to make a new blog and help the viewer and Reader related to UP Yojana, Web Stories, Telecom Sectors, Mobile Gadgets, Care Appliances, TV News, SEO, and Articles.

So, I created a blog/website www.lakshynews.com.

Purpose of Lakshynews.com?

As you guys might know About such people, who want to know about many information on mobile phones, such as, UP Yojana
Telecom Sectors, Care Appliances, Mobile Gadgets, TV News, and Google top web stories.

whereas Lakshynews provides all information related to these topics on Www.lakshynews.com, if you’d like to read multiple information on mobile, tablet, and desktop, then you can go with Www.lakshynews.com, for read-only information.

Favicon of Lakshynews.

As you guys might know about the favicon of any website,, favicon is very important for any blog/website, so I created a favicon for my Blog Lakshynews.com, you can check the below image.
And you can check the original site on the internet.

Original favicon of the lakshynews

Logo of the Lakshynews.

Logo it’s a very important term and identification of any business, news, and informative site/blog, which is kept according to your website, Logo is important to Identity that site/blog. so I created a new logo for lakshynews.com. so you can look below.

Original logo and site branding of lakshynewsSo you can check the Logo and read multiple information according to your interested topics on Www.lakshynews.com.

If you have any queries and Questions related to Lakshynews then you can comment and feel free anytime anywhere.