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Hi! friends,

My name is Lakshman Prasad, and I the A Founder of, my profession to do study but my passion is to do blogging and Web design.

I have been doing blogging & design for at least 1 year, will more than also. if you’re a new blogger or you want to do blogging in life.

you think so that you have need some points to do the blogging. so you can try once with my site because it’s multiple information provide site. such as,

  • Blogging tips.
  • SEO optimize.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Entertainment.
  • sim network.
  • Internet data plans (etc)

Are you excited to know related this all the information, and you keep to interest into reading all information, then you came with me, the to know about the all-knowing.


this is my passion to do blogging, I was want to do his my complete knowledge and experience share with too many peoples of the world.

we can do only then this when you’ll have anyone an online platform. so I did manufacture a site/blog ( and in this way, I started doing blogging.

Doing blogging is the best way to earn money and reputation. if you want to do blogging related to any niche then you can come with me. and we guys will be do blogging with include.

My site/blog (Lakshynews)?

Lakshynew is a public website, was started on 15/08/2019. on which, is provided the multiple news. Blogging, SEO, Affiliate marketing, google rank, Entertainment, news, tech, etc!

if you’re kept interested these any subject related then you can check out once. and tell me about that issue, and help me.

lakshynews- site logo

This is the best and professional site logo. which I self-created.

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Site home page:

lakshynews- Site home page

this is the home page of my blog. which one will get many types of posts. which you can read and seen very easily. are made the home page of the structure of this site.

this is the home page of, in which you will get too many post to the multiple topics who is in full experience.

would you like to check this site’s home page, and you can share your experience with me.

Site purpose:

main’s purpose to make of such a lot of people who do not more knowledge about internet services. as such.
Online blogging of news the about.

  1. SEO optimization of any content.
  2. online earning.
  3. how to make a network.
  4. Entertainment.
  5. But on this website, you guys can to read of quality posts. which do one by one all steps any content of complete?

To solve any issue of any user in this world.
Giving to correct information any user.
Answer any questions related to the blog. (etc)

  1. To solve any issue of any user in this world.
    2. Giving to correct information any user.
    3. Answer any questions related to the blog. (etc)

How to use this site on your mobile or any devices?

Attention to, please. this is a give multiple contents basic website, that not is a Gov. site. the read any information on for only Knowledge. and for not the main purpose. If deception or damage is found, then the site will have no responsibility. hence, any user will Take any action not vailed. for this to read my site privacy policy page

If you have any queries and questions related to this blog. so you can Help my blog by contact form?

if you have to seem. Any DMAC content is in on my website/blog. so you can that for noticing me. on this email ID, for this to read the DMAC page on my site.

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