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How to Add Web Push Notifications on WordPress | FREE USE!!



Web Push Notifications

Do you a blogger and you run a website, and you want to run a new blog/website online, and you want to reduce bounce rate, for which you want to know how to add Web Push Notifications on WordPress.

Web Push Notifications is a very important way to implement these all applications on your website. such as,

  • Reduce bounce rate.
  • Increase User Engagement.
  • Increase conversion of your product (etc).

if you want these all services integrative on your website, I mean to say, that you want to enable these all notification page on your site.

so you will to do activate push notification on your WordPress site because without it we can’t enable push notification message to blog/site.

because it is the best point to reduce the bounce rate to your site, and it is the best way to increase reader engagement on your site. so I recommend the push notification plugin for each blogger or site owner.

you do not know how to Enable a web push notification on WordPress, and you want to know how to add web notification on WordPress.

So please stay with this complete post, because in this complete post. I will tell you guys about How do i send push notifications to my website.

because in this post you will learn the complete information of web push notifications one by one paragraph. if you think that you should to do enable web push notifications on your WordPress site.

So read all paragraphs below related to how I can Enable web push notifications to the site with the help of Webpushr.

1.0.1 What is a web push notification?

Web push notification is such a way, which through we can send new post, product info, story, and proposal on Gmail ID of any subscription person a very easily.

which through, we will able to increase user engagement on the website post. with this, we will able to reduce the bounce rate of the site, and we will able to increase the product conversion rate.

this is a major benefit of any type of web push notification. if you also want to take these all benefits through on your website, that you will to do integrate a web push notification plugin on your WordPress site. okay.

And, as you guys might know that today’s post is related to how to add web push notifications on WordPress, if you have a need to this Webpushr plugin, and want to know how to integrate on the WordPress site.

So you can read all paragraphs below, related to it,

2.0.1 how to add web push notification to WordPress, Tutorial?

Are you really want to add web push notifications on your WordPress site or you’re excited to know how to add a web push notification to the blog/site.

Or you want to reduce the bounce rate to your site, or you want to increase the conversion rate of your product if you have any such problems, and you want to solve these all problems instantly, that too Definitely free.

so read completely this content, because in this content you will learn how to Enable a web push notification on your WordPress site with the help of the Webpushr website.

3.0.1 What is the Webpushr website?

the Webpushr site is the best site in India for automatically send web push notification proposals on the Gmail ID of any subscription user.

with the help of which, we can send new posts, new product info, and proposals to someone related very easily with the help Webpushr website. It is a good thing that it gives us at least 60K web push notifications to deliver definitely Free.

for which you will to do only registration by going to on the Webpushr website. after this you will get able to send at least 60Knew web push notification.

A few Reasons to use the Webpushr website?

According to this heading, I will tell you guys such a few reasons that why we should use the Webpushr site to send web push notifications.

Are you ready to know about those reasons for the Webpushr site? because I will explain regarding those all reasons one by one paragraph. by which you will get to know that why we should be used the Webpushr site.

let’s go-ahead.

(1) Custom prompts:

For this reason, we will do get able to custom verity and the beautiful notification box to your visitors, who will be clickable.
those who you will be able to completely customize. such as,

  • Text customization.
  • Change color.
  • And change behavior promptly.
  • Supported all languages.

To understand more, check the image below.

 Web Push Notifications

(2) 5-Minute setup:

its setup is very simple because we can do complete implement web push notifications on the WordPress site in only 5 minutes.

because it gives us to shows change prompts on the device screen, which through we get able to setup condition in the prompts box, and we get able to easily do it.

that we hope that you are understood this process.

(3) Notification Integrations:

The Webpushr does work with at least your favorite 1000+ apps, for which we are not any types of tensions that which app do you use for your site.

which we will get able to use web push notifications with the help of the Webpushr website with each app on site. such as,

 Web Push Notifications

(4) Free 60K User:

Webpushr gives at least 60k users’ web push notification definitely Free for each new user with their free plan.

which we can use definitely free, if you want to use the web push notification more than 60k that you will to do buy its premium plan.

but enough is 60k push notification for a new blogger. if you have to need more than 60K web push notifications in life, so later you can do upgrade its next plan.

(5) 500% ROI:

The Webpushr makes supper and simple for you to monitor & measure the impact, in estimated $ value of your push comping.

this also helps you to validate their 500% ROI Guarantee. yes, a minimum of 500 % return on any investment you make toward your Webpushr Subscription.

check out the below image, because this image is related to it.

web push notifications tutorial

(6) Analytics:

The best option Analytic also includes within the site Webpushr, which through we can see to the entire dashboard & camping of the Webpushr.

Webpushr is the only push platform to offer visualization to the entire funnel dashboard. get valuable insight into prompt impression & Optin rate ad the percentage. such as,

See details subscriber information such as device, browser & OS type, gone location (city, state, and country), timezone, and more.

web push notifications example

(7) Powerful Segmentation:

its segmentation is very powerful because which through we can do easily segment according to any device size. such as,

  • Location.
  • session.
  • Information.
  • Custom events.
  • And custom Attributes.

for Example:
You can use Segments to target customers who have previously visited a certain page or bought a certain product.

(8) Uptime Monitoring:

they are offering a basic uptime monitoring service his all customers for completely free. it checks your website for Availablity at 5 minutes intervals from a different location around the world.

it allows views to your uptime, downtime, and response time for all of your websites that use Webpushr.

These some features included with this Webpushr site, which we can use for free. that you understood that why we should use the Webpushr website to Web push notifications.

So let’s go now, we will be talking about how to add web push notifications on the WordPress site, in simple steps.

4.0.1 how to implement web push notifications on WordPress?

Are you excited to add web push notifications to your website or you want to know how to implement web push notifications to your site/blog with the help of Webpushr?

if you’re really want to know regarding this, so read the complete content because, in this content, I will explain how we can verify the push notifications service with the website.

for which, first of all, we have to do Registration on the Webpushr website? after this we will able to implement web push notifications on the website easily.

Registration on Webpushr site?

I will want to tell you guys that before doing registration on the Webpushr site that you must have some things. such as,

  • Gmail ID.
  • Any type of device or laptop.
  • And should activate a data plan on your prepaid card. (etc)

We hope that you will have these all things, so let’s go move on to the next point.

First of all, we will be going to the official website of Webpushr. so you click simply here because it’s an anchor link that you will do redirect on that page of Webpushr.

Registration on Webpushr

Dashboard of Webpushr:

As soon as you will click on the Anchor link, likewise, you will be redirected to that home page of Webpushr. whose interface will look something like this. check the image below.

web push notifications net

You will get an option of the SIGN-UP FOR FREE on that page, now we will click on this option. likewise will be open SIGN-UP PAGE our front.

in which we will be filling some personal information to free registration on the Webpushr. let’s go know that what will do you fill in the boxes.

  • Your name: Please insert your current name!
  • Your Email Address: in this box, you put your Emai ID. for Demo– ( Rajneekant [email protected].)
  • Password: here make your password, this password should be at least 8 characters, which should be included mixed letters. as that,
  • capital word, small word, special character, and numerical words!
  • Confirm Password: insert here the same password! and check in on the I’M NOT ROBOT. and then simply click the REGISTER button below.
  • you have done Successfully Registration on the Webpushr site.

Now we will do SIN-IN on the Webpushr site. for which click here ( SIGN-IN)

As soon as you will click on the Anchor link, a new page will open again. and provide your Email ID and Password in this page, and select CHECK- IN box, i’m not robot, and then click on the SIGN-IN button Below.

Entry Dashboard of Webpushr:

now we will come on the dashboard of Webpushr, Whose interface would look something like this.

web push notifications website

you will see an UPLOAD ICON option in left side, from where we will get able to upload logo of site. after this, you select that software app, which through you run your personal website.

i think that you’re run a website on WordPress, so select the wordpress from in these all software app. if you run a site with any application. so you choose that application.

but here i will select WordPress.

And then, put your site name. and insert your site Address (URL, ), and click the NEXT STEP. after this you have to go to the dashboard of WordPress.

And then click on the PLUGINS BUTTON and click the ADD NEW option. now a new page will open again on our front, and you will see a search bar on that page.

on which once tap, and write WEBPUSHR and you will click the INSTALL NOW and Active.

web push notifications open source

again you will go to the Webpushr site, and then COPY the REST API KEY and paste it into the WordPress REST API KEY option below. and then click on the Activate Webpushr option.

And again go to on Webpushr site, and click the NEXT STEP button. now you have done Activated successfully web push notifications on your WordPress site with help of the Webpushar.


Customize your Prompt box:

As soon as you go to the dashboard of Webpushr, where you will see a lot of options to control the push notification box. but we will click on the SETUP button and select Opt-in Prompt.

web push notifications open source

now will be open a Prompt type page on our front, in which you will get two types of prompts box, out of which we will select the NATIVE ONE-CLICK PROMPT, and click the SAVE button below.

So friends, from this way, we can add web push notifications on the WordPress site, and reduce the bounce rate on your site easily. there is much more we can do with it.


Do you have any types of website/blog, and you want to increase the dual-time of your site or you want to increase the conversion rate of your product.

Or you want to add web push notifications to your site, so it’s Webpushr is the best option for new bloggers. so you can go with this.

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