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airtel prepaid plans up east

Do you an internet user and you are living at this time in the UP (utter Pradesh), and you’re using the airtel prepaid sim card on your mobile phone, for which you are looking the Airtel Up East 4g Plans or you will have the second query related to this, like the Airtel recharge plan up East unlimited.

if you have any this type of query, so check out the complete post, because, in this post, I will tell you guys about all Airtel prepaid plans, which are will be related to Airtel Up East 4g Plans.

As you guys might know that the Airtel telecom company recently changed all the Airtel plans and validity. therefore every Airtel user should check its all airtel 4g plans.

After this only, we should be doing any airtel 4g self plan on the mobile phone, without it, you can’t take any other offers include in any plan.

before doing any airtel 4g plans on the mobile phone, check all the airtel data plans recharge, after this, you’re ready to do airtel self recharge.

would you like to know about the airtel 4g plans up east 84 days? so you can read all plans related to it below because I did explain about all plans of Airtel prepaid data plans.

then you check out all plans of the airtel recharge plan 2021, so let’s go to the next paragraph,

1.0.1 What is the Airtel company?

Airtel company is the best famous wireless communication company in this world, which provides a lot of digital services to use online to their all airtel and non-airtel customers in this world.

some of which are the following,

  • Airtel payment bank services.
  • airtel self recharge.
  • Airtel money transfer to a bank account.
  • Electricity bill payment.
  • GAS bill payment. etc,

what do you know that the airtel company these all services provides for at least 18 countries, some of which are the name of countries,

  • Malawi.
  • Niger.
  • Nigeria.
  • Rwanda.
  • Seychelles.
  • Sierra Leone.
  • Tanzania.
  • Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
  • India.
  • Zambia.
  • Uganda.
  • Kenya.
  • Burkina Faso.
  • Chad.
  • Congo Brazzaville.
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Gabon.
  • Ghana.
  • Madagascar.

With this only, the airtel company provides some mobile networks in this world, which through we do the wireless communication each other. such as,

  1. Gsm.
  2. 3G.
  3. 4G LTE.
  4. 4G+.

2.0.1 Title card of Bhartiya airtel limited company?

( Query) ( Description)Traded As NSE NIFTY 50 Constituent,
BSE: 532454,
BSE SENSEX Constituent,ISIN:INE397D01024Industry:
TelecommunicationsFounded:7 July 1995; 25 Years AgoFounder: Sunil Bharti MittalHeadquarters: Bharti Crescent, 1, Nelson Mandela Road, New Delhi, India.Area Served:

WorldwideKey People:
Sunil Bharti Mittal (Chairman)
Gopal Vittal (MD & CEO)Products: Fixed Line Telephone
Mobile Phone
Satellite Television
Payment Bank
Digital Television
Internet Television

875,390 Million (US$12 Billion) (2020)[2]Operating Income:
17,318 Million (US$−240 Million) (2019)Net Income: Net IncomeMembers:423.28 [3][4][5]Number Of Employees:
19,405 (2020)Subsidiaries: Airtel India
Airtel Payments Bank Limited
Airtel Digital TV
Airtel Sri Lanka
Airtel Bangladesh
Airtel Africa

3.0.1 Airtel Recharge plan up east unlimited?

According to this heading, I will tell you guys about those all airtel unlimited plans which come to according to the Airtel Up East 4g Plans.

Are you excited to know about these all plans? so please read one by one all plans in details below,

The only include data pack in the packs:

As you guys might know regarding the only data packs process because the airtel company provides some such the airtel data recharge packs for their all Airtel customers.

in which you will get to received only data packs and validity, he does not provide calling packs in these packs.

if you have required only the internet data to use online for any purpose so you can go with these plans packs because these all plans the best for you.


if you’re want to do recharge on your airtel sim card through the internet. only 48 rupees, before doing any recharge on your mobile phone, first of all, you can check that you will get what services in this plan.

after checking all this, you can do recharge your smartphone, but I will you guys provide some information related to this plan, then you read. you can receive only 3GB DATA (MB) for 28 days in this plan. without any other services.


if you want too much internet data to use on your mobile phone for the online purpose, so for this you will do pay at least Rs 401to the airtel company.

because in this plan you will get able to use these all services for the internet.

first of all, you will get entire 30 GB of internet data with this plan, which you will able to use for the entire 30 days, according to 1GB day.

if you don’t want to use this internet data for the entire 30 days, and you want to use this data for a few days so you can do it easily with this plan.

for Example:
Suppose that you want to download any software for your PC system, while the software file size is at least 25 GB, then you can do download easily this software for your system with this plan.

does not matter the validity effect in this plan.

4.0.1 Airtel 4g data plans, unlimited calling packs for Up East?

Through this heading, we will learn about those all Airtel 4g plans, which provide us these all services that too in only one pack.

Suppose that you’re want to do recharge on your mobile phone at least of price 398/-, then you will get able to receive these all services in only one pack. As that,

  • Truly Unlimited calls on any network.
  • 3 GB data/ day.
  • validity for the entire 28 days.

So let’s go to the next of the Airtel Up East 4g Plans, and knew about those all Airtel unlimited data plans.

(voice+DATA plans)


You will get unlimited local and STD Roaming calls from any network and 200 MB data with 2-day validity.


if you want to fun the multiple services in only one plan then you can do recharge 45 rupees. because it is a plan you will give you many services only for 28 days. as that, Local & STD call rate 2.5p/sec, national video calls 5p/sec. DATA 50p/MB. SMS local 1,STD-1.5/, ISD-Rs.5/.

RS. 49/:

On do recharge Rs.79, you will get 64 rupees Talktime and with 28 days validity.and Local & STD 60p.min and 200MB data.


You can take the profit of this plan’s only 18 days till. and unlimited calls on any network. with this, 1GB data and 100 SMS.


Unlimited calls to any networks and 2GB data, 300 SMS for 28 days.

Rs. 179/:

2 lakh Bharti Axa life insurance, no medical test, no proper works also unlimited calls and 2GB data, 300 SMS for 28 days.

Rs.199–24 days:

Airtel recharge plan up east unlimited:

the best plan for you with Unlimited calling on any network and daily 1 GB data & 100 SMS.

Rs.249- 28 days:

Enjoy taking Unlimited calling with any network. only paying 249 rupees, and 1.5 GB of data per day, and 100 national SMS.

Rs. 298- 28 days:

Unlimited local and STD calls for any network, 2GB data per day, and 100 national SMS valid for 28 days.

Rs. 349–28 days:

Unlimited calls, 2 GB data, and 100 national SMS/days, along with, Amazon Prime subscription for 28 days, Wynk music, Airtel Extreame premium, etc.

Rs. 398/:- 28 days

Unlimited calling on any network, and 3GB per day data with 100 national SMS for 28 days.

Rs.449–56 days:

you can take profit of Unlimited calling any networks and with this, you can take also 2GB data per day, 100 national SMS.

Rs. 496/-1 day:

it is plan bit expensive because us to do pay 496 rupees but will be valid only 1 day. but we can guys to see its other services. Unlimited Incoming, 500MB, 100 MIn local/India, some covered countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand.

5.0.1 Airtel recharge plan 2021?

Rs. 558–56 days:

Unlimited local, STD, and Roaming calls, daily 34GB data, and 100 SMS. it is the best plan for daily use internet Users, I recommend you guys if you want to do recharge on your mobile then you can go to with this plan.

Rs. 598- 84 days:

for a daily internet user, evergreen offer with unlimited calling, 1.5 GB data per day, 100 national SMS for 84 days.

Rs. 698- 84 days:

Unlimited calls local, STD, and Roaming on any Networks. with this, 2 GB data daily, and 100 national SMS daily.

Rs. 698/-84 days:

unlimited Local, STD & Roaming calls on any network, 2 GB data per day, 100 National SMS/day for 84 days.

Rs. 1498/-365 days:

UNLIMITED local, STD, and Roaming calls on any networks, and only 24 GB data, 3600 national SMS for 365 days.

Rs. 2398/- 365 days:

if you do recharge 2398 rupees on your android phone then you will get Unlimited local, STD, and Roaming calls for entering one year. with this, you can take 1.5 GB of data per day, 100 national SMS.

Rs. 2498/- 365 days:

want To do recharge on your Airtel sim card for 1-year validity then you will do recharge 2498 rupees any airtel networks. because this plan gives you Unlimited calling with local, STD, and Roaming and 2GB of data per day and 100 national SMS for 365 days.

6.0.1 Airtel 4g plans up east 84 days?

now we will be talking about the airtel unlimited calling but in these, all packs will include one condition because we will know regarding these all plans as in the image format.

because I will provide you guys some images related to the Airtel 4G unlimited calling recharge packs, those who you guys will get able to check all images one by one.

so let’s go to our new format,

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My Opinion, for Airtel recharge, plans UP east?

Today’s post. we guys learned about Airtel UP EAST Unlimited Full Talktime calling Plans. my, I gave all information to you guys one by one paragraph. you can check it all the plans list. as that, first of all, we guys learned about the Airtel only data plans.

And we guys learned about airtel voice/other plans in the second part and in the third part we guys learned about Airtel unlimited calls and Voice +Data plans.

I recommended to you guys that you’re an internet user and is run sometimes internet on your android phone. then you can take help with the Airtel only DATA plans list.

if you’re a daily internet user and you doing any online works then you can check the Airtel voice+data plans to list and you can any unlimited data plan recharge on your mobile phone.

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