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Airtel smartbytes broandband

Airtel Smartbytes!– Do you an Airtel broadband user, and you want to measure the internet 3g-4G speed of your broadband connection. or you want to know all notifications related to your Airtel broadband plan, so it’s the best option for you, the Airtel Smartbytes.

Because Airtel Smartbytes gives you that all services to your required related to your Airtel broadband connection. as you guys might know about the Internet or digital life because in today’s time all work is done through the internet. such as,

  • Office.
  • Home.
  • collages.
  • companies, Etc.

All owners use a broadband connection to handle all works related to the internet at all places. it does not matter which company do you use a broadband connection but I ‘mentioning these all information related to the Airtel smart bytes broadband connection.

If you also want to use the Airtel Smartbytes for your broadband plan then you must have an airtel broadband connection to use airtel smart bytes. as you guys might know that before sometimes was not available it service to measure internet speed.

but this service is available as the Airtel Smartbytes. people use it with their broadband connection to measure the internet speed, data limit, high-low bandwidth, and Expire plan, Ect.

To read more follow all paragraphs below.

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1.0.1 how we can check our monthly broadband data usages?

Are you have an airtel broadband connection, and you want to check your broadband monthly data usages, so for this, you have the best option the Airtel Smartbytes device.

because this device will do fulfill your requirements because through airtel smart bytes you can check the monthly data usages of your broadband, and control your daily data limit.

So that you never face the problem of finishing up your data pack before the ending date of your broadband plan subscription.

and then you will are able to use complete data with the time. would you like to use the complete data of your broadband with the time?

So stay with this complete post, because I will tell you such some tricks, which will be helpful full for you. so let’s go to the next paragraph—-****.

1.0.1 what is Airtel Smartbytes?

Airtel Smartbytes is an electrical internet data measuring device, who offered by the airtel company to all broadband connection customers. if you’re an airtel broadband connection user then you should know about the airtel Smartbytes Device.

Because of airtel smart bytes, you will able to check Daily and monthly data usages. and your current data plan status and the most useful is that you can restrict data daily usages limit.

So that you can never run out of data limit. Airtel Smartbytes is the main process to do combine internet data with their broadband connection.

nowadays it’s a trend to do measure and restrict daily internet data limit.

3.0.1 Check airtel Smartbytes broadband 3g & 4g data usage?

I mean to say that you’re an airtel broadband user and you want to check the 3g-4g data balance of your broadband connection.

so please stay with this content, I’ll provide all information related to it. before knowing about this process, you must have an account of the Airtel broadband connection.

we hope that you have an airtel broadband connection, so let’s go to the official website of Airtel broadband. so for this, you can do click here ( Official website ) or you can search menually by google search result.

step (1):

as soon as you will click on this link, likewise, you will be redirected to that page, and then you will get an option of the Login on that page.

after this, you will simply click the Login button and will be open a new page, you will be appear something like this, so you check just the image below.

According to this image, you will get two option on that page to the login in you personal Airtel broadband account to check all information related to the airtel smart bytes.

our we can do use one by one, so let’s go do use these options,

  • the first option:- Please insert your correct mobile number or Service ID in the first option, it means to say, in the first box.
  • The second box:– provide the correct Password of your personal airtel broadband account if you do not want to use your password so that you can take the help of the one-time password (TP). so for which, you can do click on the (OTP) option just below. just after this, you will receive an OTP number on your registered mobile number, and just copy this number and past it to this box.

And simply click on the LOGIN button.

And you will be entered the dashboard of your airtel broadband, and you have to choose the types of a plan which are using at the right time. as the 3g or 4g Lite.

After selecting your type of plan. and you wait for some moment, and you will get able to check the Remaining 3g,4g data balance with time duration with help of the Airtel Smartbytes.

airtel smarbytes broadband

4.0.1 how to check airtel smart bytes broadband plans?

This is a very important query that how we can check the airtel smart bytes broadband plans. it means that you’re an airtel broadband account holder that you’re want to know about some broadband plans of the airtel smart bytes.

so stay with this content and know about the broadband plans in a list. because I will mention a little bit list related to the airtel Smartbytes broadband plans.

are you excited to know about this list, so check the below list related to it?

plans plans
50 GB at Rs 1499 20 GB at Rs 799
10 GB at Rs 499 5 GB at Rs 299
2 GB at Rs 159 1 GB at Rs 99


these airtel smart bites broadband plans start at Rs.99/- and at this price, subscribers will get some additional 5GB data with the validity period remaining. if you want to use some more data.

so for this, you will have to upgrade the second plan because you will get able to receive at least 15GB of extra data compared to the 99 plan.

but for this, you will have to do pay at least 199 rupees. are you will be afforded this pack, then you can go definitely with this plan.


Plan 299. if you want to invest at least 299 rupees for your Airtel broadband subscription, or you have to require a little bit more internet data, so you can go definitely with this plan.

because you will get able to receive at least 25GB of internet data with this plan. and use this data according to your requirements.


if you are thinking that you will have required too much more than 25GB, I mean to say that at least 50GB of internet data to do your work digital work. then you will have to do at least 499 rupees.


with this plan, you want to get at least 90GB of internet data, so for this, you will have to do an expenditure of 799 rupees.

in return, you will get 90GB of internet data to use according to Airtel broadband, which you will do able to use find a web page in google with help of the any devices.


and you have much more require to 200GB of internet data, then it’s the best plan for airtel broadband but for which, you must have at least 1499 of backup.

after this only, you will get able to receive its all service on your airtel Smartbytes broadband, apart from this, you will get some other services, such as,

  • 1. Amazon prime subscription. etc

5.0.1 Check airtel smart bytes broadband balance?

As you guys might know about the airtel broadband because the broadband such a process to access high-speed internet which through we can do access a very easy and fast any web page according to digital devices.

all companies to use a broadband connection to do their digital works, for which have to needed to see or check of broadband connection balance with help of the airtel Smartbytes devices. yes.

because we can’t check the broadband balance, speed, and monthly usage data without airtel smart bytes.

So it’s a very important device for any type of broadband subscription, and we can check easily broadband balance with help of the airtel smart bytes.

Are you really to the requirement to check your broadband connection balance? so it means that you have needed to readjust the below paragraph.

Check the broadband balance:

because I will tell you guys here a simple method which through you will get able to check your airtel broadband balance according to the simple steps. so let’s go on those all.

The first step (!):

First of all, you will have to go to the official website of the Airtel smart bytes. so for it, you can do click here. (official website)

As soon as you will click on this anchor link, likewise, you will be done redirected to that page, from where you can select easily your broadband plan.

but please attention here, because here you will get at least three types of plans. such as,

  • Broadband.
  • 3G.
  • 4G Lite.

but you’re a Broadband plan subscription user, so you will select the broadband option. now will be open a new page to your front, and you will be asked to your about the SERVICE ID & PASSWORD.

So please provide your correct password and service ID, and then click the LOGIN button.

the second step(!!):

Broadband user selects the option and checks all information related to Airtel broadband connection, you can do check the below image.

all usage details of the broadband connection guys we can check all information related to airtel broadband Smartbytes somethings like this. we hope that you enjoyed the content of this post.

check 3G,4G speed test by airtel smartbytes broadband

6.0.1 Airtel Smartbytes speed test?

what do you really want to do a check the speed test of your broadband connection, so please stay with this content because I will tell you guys about those sites?

speed test column

where you can do a speed test, I knew that happens all people to excite to know about a speed test of broadband connection.

7.0.1 Frequently Asked Questions related to airtel Smartbytes?

We will know some such questions according to this heading, which about often people ask, would you like to know related to those question. if you are really want to know about those all questions so please stay with this content.

so let’s go be the start with the first question, Our first question will be,

Q.1: how can I get airtel smart bytes?

so for this, you will do some steps to follow then you will get the Samartbytes subscription.

Login to your Account, and then select the Smartbytes, and then confirm the selection. after this you will get the Smartbytes.

Q.2: how do I check my airtel bandwidth?

Airtel smart bytes page allow ( that airtel broadband user can do check monthly internet data usage.

This page will open only when your broadband connection is working on your network.

Q.3: is airtel v fiber available in my area?

If you really want to know about this that the v-fiver network available in your area or not ….. so for this you can try this process.

all you have to do call the call center in your area, and tell them that we want to v-fiver network. someone from the airtel customers team will get in touch with you and then come to your home and check the feasibility of v-fiver.

Q.1: who is the owner of Airtel?

The owner of the airtel at the present time is Mr. Sunil Mittal Ji ( Bhartia Enterprises)

the Last word related to Airtel Smartbytes broadband?

Do you an owner of the industries or company and you have required the internet data connection broadband, and with this you want to entire control of broadband plan subscription in your hand.

so it will the best option for you the airtel smart bytes because smart bytes will help you in full. which through you can check the monthly data usage very easily, and you can do check the status of your subscription plan.

with this only, you can see your correct active plan.

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