Airtel Unlimited SMS Packs Definitely FREE (Airtel plans)

Airtel unlimited SMS packs free

Do you an Airtel user and you’re searching in Google search results about the Airtel Unlimited SMS Pack? It means that you have to need the airtel Sms pack recharge on your Airtel mobile number.

As you guys might know about the communications companies that Today’s in time all telecom communications companies give communication, SMS pack and data internet services with one plan.

hence we have to needed to do just one Airtel data pack recharge airtel Recharge Plans full Talktime Unlimited Plans-(2021) on the mobile phone, and then we can use all services related to it, through the self phone.

it was Talk just only one pack. but you do not have required that all services of the Airtel telecom communication company, and you want to do recharge in your mobile phone only Airtel Unlimited SMS pack.

So for it also gives some plans the Airtel company their all airtel customers as the Airtel unlimited SMS pack plans. would you like to know about these all Airtel SMS pack recharge?

So please stay with this complete post because I will tell you guys about the Airtel unlimited SMS pack recharge one by one with this complete information.

with this, you will get able to know regarding the Airtel unlimited calling plans 99. are you excited to know about the airtel unlimited SMS plans.

then for this, I give some paragraphs, and then you can follow one by one the following all paragraphs related to it, so let’s go to the next paragraph.

1.0.1 what is Airtel’s unlimited sms pack ??

Airtel unlimited sms pack is such a process which does claim that for the Airtel unlimited SMS pack recharge, but now we will know of this condition in detail.

Suppose that you’re an Airtel user, and you are using an airtel sim card prepaid on your smartphone. then you have to needed to send SMS to on another mobile number or friends and relative.

and do not have active any airtel unlimited sms pack on your mobile phone at that time, but you have to needed to send at least 100 sms to other mobile numbers.

what now you will do, while you to send these all sms to the domestic level there Is will be a charge of at least 1.5 per SMS.

So to send at least 100 sms you must have at least 150 rupees per day in your airtel wallet account. And for one month you must have at least 1400-1500 rupees.

which is do not an affordable process for any airtel user, if you go with any Airtel unlimited SMS pack then you will do invest at least Rs.199, Rs.555, Rs.398.

We hope that you understand what is Airtel Unlimited SMS pack

Names of countries, where provide all services the Airtel company:

I’m going to mention some country’s names, where provides their all services the airtel company. would you like to know about those all country’s names one by one?

So check out the below list

  1. Kenya.
  2. Burkina Faso.
  3. Chad.
  4. Congo Brazzaville.
  5. The Democratic Republic of Congo.
  6. Gabon.
  7. Ghana.
  8. Madagascar.
  9. Malawi.
  10. Niger.
  11. Nigeria.
  12. Rwanda.
  13. Seychelles.
  14. Sierra Leone.
  15. Tanzania.
  16. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
  17. India.
  18. Gambar Khera.

2.0.1 Airtel unlimited sms pack recharge with the price?

According to this heading, I will mention some Airtel SMS pack recharge plans for Airtel prepaid in this paragraph.

which I will mention as a table, So you check guys the below table. because in this table, I will mention those all airtel SMS pack recharges plans. which should you.

So you guys check right now the below table,

According to this heading, I will provide all airtel SMS pack recharge plans with the price as the list, so you can check this list just below.

this list valid just for Airtel unlimited SMS pack recharge, I mean to say that you have required only the airtel SMS pack by leaving the internet data and Unlimited truly pack.

if this condition with you, so you can checklist just below.

(Recharge prices) ( Call Details) (SMS Details)
Rs. 19 /- local & STD, 25p/sec Local-1.
Rs.49 /- 38.52 Talktime use Talktime
Rs. 79/- 64. talktime use Talktime
Rs. 149/- Unlimited 300 SMS
Rs.179 /- Unlimited 300 SMS
Rs. 199/ Unlimited 100 SMS/ day
Rs. 219/- unlimited 100 SMS/ day
Rs. 249/- Unlimited 100 SMS/ day
Rs.279 /- Unlimited 100SMS/ day
Rs. 298/- Unlimited 100 SMS day
Rs.349 /- Unlimited 100SMS/day
Rs. 398/- Unlimited 100 SMS/ day
Rs. 399/- Unlimited 100 SMS/ day
Rs. 449/ Unlimited 100 SMS/day
Rs. 558/- Unlimited 100 SMS/day
Rs.598 /- Unlimited 100 SMS/day
Rs. 698/- Unlimited 100 SMS/day
Rs.2398 /- Unlimited 100 SMS/day
Rs. 2498/- Unlimited 100 SMS/day
check all sms plans

3.0.1Airtel unlimited sms pack plans for Telangana?

we have just known. about the some Airtel unlimited SMS pack recharge which was are basic, but now we will learn regarding some such Airtel plans which are all in one.

I mean to say that we will do just one data pack recharge on the mobile phone, with whom we will get used to at least three services at the same time. such as,

  • 1. Truly unlimited calling.
    2. Unlimited internet data.
    3. unlimited SMS.

So let’s go know be learned about those all unlimited airtel SMS packs, calling, and internet data.

Airtel sms combo packs:


if you want to do emergency recharge on your mobile phone then you can go with this plan because it gives us some limited services with limited validity. so let’s go know limited services.

guys, you will get in this plan, Unlimited calls on any networks, 200 MB data, validity only 2 Days. and you can send SMS also.


it is a smart plan recharge of the Airtel company. because without it’s we can’t use to outgoing and incoming services of the Airtel prepaid. so if you use an Airtel sim card on your mobile phone then you will do recharge only 49 rupees.

you will receive services with this plan. 38.52/ paisa Talktime, 100 MB internet data, outgoing and incoming services, validity for 28 days, if you want to SMS for any person then you can pay some charge each SMS.


it is the plan, the same plan. if you do 79/ rupees recharge on your android phone then you will get a bit more Talktime.

This plan gives us, 60 Talktime, 60p/mins local & STD calls, 200Mb data, validity for only 28 days.


this plan is come to Airtel Unlimited calling plans categories. because it plan gives us all services, which we must the services.

because you can to receive in these all services. Unlimited local, STD, and roaming calls on any networks, 2 GB data, 300 National SMS, validity for 28 days.

4.0.1 Airtel Pack Recharge?

As you guys know, we guys learning about the Airtel SMS Pack Recharge Online. but with this, I tell you about some of its other plans. as that,

  • Airtel Unlimited calling plans.
  • I can learn internet data plan
  • Airtel SMS packs recharge plans.
  • And some its smart plans.

Airtel SMS Prepaid Mobile Recharge Plans for Sikkim:

Rs. 179/-

would you like to take insurance then you guys can take 2 years of insurance with the 179/ rupees plan? with this, you can take also the other services.

2 Lakh Bharti Axa Life Insurance with no medical test, and no paperwork and you can take only with this, enjoy. Unlimited calls on any network, 2GB data, 300 SMS, validity 28 days.


if you do any online works or you are thinking to do any online works then the best plan for you. because it is a plan that gives us per day 1.GB of internet data to use on your mobile phone. so you can go with this plan.

because of this plan, you’s can give daily internet service. Unlimited local, STD, and Roaming calls on any network, 1GB daily data, only 100 SMS, and validity for 24 days.


it is also a plan, can happen the best plan for you guys. if you like to watch online movies, songs, tv serials, and news channels on your android phone.

we will receive the services with this plan. Unlimited local, STD & Roaming calls on any network, 1.5 GB data daily, 100 National SMS day, validity 28 days.


if you want to a bit more the internet data daily, I mean to say. right now, we guys were knowing about some of those plans, who gave us daily 1 GB internet data. but you can receive 1.5GB of data daily with this plan.

you will receive it. Unlimited local, STD & Roaming calls on any networks, 1.5GB Data/per day, 100 National SMS/daily, validity for 28 days.


Do you an HDFC Account holder, and you run a bank account to HDFC bank then you go with this plan because it plan gives us HDFC bank’s insurance service. she also, entire 4-year HDFC life insurance. no medical test, and paperwork.

And you will receive these multiple services. as that, Unlimited calls on any networks,1.5GB daily data, 100 SMS per day, validity 28 days.

5.0.1 Airtel General SMS Pack Recharge?

You will get an SMS pack with each Airtel unlimited pack, so you can check all plans below.

Airtel General SMS Pack, Offers, Recharge:


would you like to use and a bit more internet data daily, which you can run a bit more internet on your mobile phone. for this, you will pay 298 rupees to the airtel company, and you will receive daily 2GB internet data.

Unlimited local, STD & Roaming calls on any network, 2GB data per day, 100 national SMS, Validity for 28 days.


you want to spend 349 rupees for your mobile recharge then it is the best plan recharge for you guys. do recharge’s 349 rupees on your mobile phone and you will get able to these all services with this plan.

Unlimited calling on all networks, 2GB data/day, 100 SMS days. Amazon Prime Subscription for 28 days, validity for 28 days.


will you want to you high payout to recharge, which you could use high-Speed internet on your mobile phone? so I do recommend you guys for this plan that you can go with this plan.

Unlimited local, STD & Roaming calls on any networks, 3GB data per day, 100 National SMS, validity for 28 days.


As you guys know, too much problem with the validity today in time. because as long as remains your plan valid till then you can use the airtel services on your mobile phone.

As soon as termination of your plan validity. likewise, outgoing services will be discontinued on your mobile phone but now will be running incoming services on your mobile. but if you don’t do recharge on your mobile phone.

then after some time, incoming service also will be discontinued. it is the power of validity service. now you guys must have Understood.

Unlimited local, STD & Roaming calls on any networks, daily 1.5 GB internet data, 100 national SMS/day, Validity for 56 days.


if you go with this plan, then you will receive these all services to use your mobile phone. as that, Unlimited local, STD & Roaming plans on any networks, @2GB Data per/day, 100 national SMS daily, validity for 56 days.


do you like to watch movies and download on your android phone, And with this, you do any online business then you must have too much daily internet data, I mean daily 2-3 GB data. this plan can you give daily 3 Gb data.

It’s some other services. Unlimited local, STD & Roaming calls for any networks, 3GB data/per day, 100 SMS day, validity for 56 days.

Rs. 598/-

you will get these all services with this plan, Unlimited local, STD & roaming calls on any network, daily 1.5GB data, 100 National SMS, validity for 84 days.


this is a stable recharge plan for the daily internet user, do you an internet user so you can go with this plan. because of the plan’s validity for 84 days. at least three months.

Unlimited local, STD & Roaming on any networks, 1.5 GB data daily, 100 National SMS, validity for 84 days.


It is the last plan of the Airtel unlimited calling plans. if you to do to use the Airtel’s these all services on your mobile phone to the entire 1 year.

so you will do a payout of 2398 Indian rupees to the Airtel company. after this, you will be able to ready to use Airtel company’s all services.

you will receive services with this long plan. Unlimited local, STD & Roaming on any networks, 1.5GB data/day,100 National SMS, validity entire 365 days (1 year).

6.0.1 Other Services of the Airtel Company?

right now were we guys getting to know about some Airtel SMS Pack Recharge Online, in which, I told you guys about one by one such two processes. she also with, the complete information.

now will learn about some other services of the airtel company. the airtel company provides many services into the entire world to all customers.

in which, I will do mention some of its services below, which you should to read of the below services, do you guys know that airtel company provides to powerful service, today in time. as that,

  • I can open an Airtel payment bank account.
  • how to add balance in Airtel’s money account.
  • we can to airtel or non-airtel self recharge.
  • on facing any problem with how to close the Airtel payment bank account.

if you guys want to know about these all queries then you guys follow all paragraphs below because I will informative one by one these all questions. let’s go know,

I can open an Airtel payment bank account?

Yes, you guys can open an Airtel payment bank account to a very ease. she also, without investment, before opening an airtel payment bank, do you sure. I mean to say, that you want to open an Airtel account.

what do you have to need for that Account, if you have to needs an airtel account then you can open the An airtel account on your android phone? just with some guidelines.

we can use these accounts online for multiple purposes,

  • money transfer to a bank account.
  • bill payment.
  • Electricity bill payment.
  • Gas payment.
  • Any recharge.(etc)

Are you want to know in detail then (Read more)

how to add Balance to Airtel’s money account?

Do you are thinking to do payment for any shop, and you want to do any self recharge on your or any other person’s mobile phone. then I would like to tell you.

before doing any recharge, you can check the main account balance of your airtel payment bank account.

this should not happen, you going to do recharge on a mobile phone. you receive a message, sorry, you have no enough balance in your account.

then what will do you. and to know how to check the main balance of your airtel money account. after this, you can do recharge very easily on any mobile phone number. how to add money (Read More).

We can Airtel non-airtel self recharge?

Airtel self recharge usually a simple process to do recharge on your airtel mobile number or non-airtel mobile number. which through we can save some time of your life from being bad.

Suppose that, you’re a blogger or do any online work on your system. suddenly do expire your internet data plan on your mobile phone. then what will do you.

if you want to do online works, then you will go to any mobile shop to recharge your mobile phone. for which, you will pay some charge and time in your life. who is not good for you.

that’s why if you know about how to airtel self recharge on your smartphone number. so you can do it at that time. in this way, you will able to save your time, as you guys might know about time. how much is an important time in our life?

if you really want to know about how we can do airtel self recharge on your mobile phone. (Read just now)

7.0.1 Frequently asked questions people related to airtel unlimited SMS packs?

such as some questions which asked people related to airtel unlimited calling, SMS, and data internet. so I will mention according to this content one by one those all questions with answers. so let’s go to the questions.

Q.1 is there any sms pack for airtel?

I have a list of airtel sms pack recharge, which I will just mention below, who will help you according to your required airtel SMS pack. so check now.

( plans)  (prices)  (prices)
 SMS Pack 46   28 days 
2 GB / Day Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack   349 28 day 
 1 GB Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack  99   18 days
1.5 GB / Day Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack  289  28 days

Q.2 how can I get an unlimited sms pack in airtel?

Are you really want to activate the airtel unlimited pack on your mobile number then you have to do invest at least 77 rupees for one 1month.

in which you will get for use at least 10000 SMS to local & national. to activate this pack, you will call ( 121) toll-free number. and then you will able to active the airtel unlimited SMS pack on your mobile phone.

Q.3: how I can get 1000 sms in airtel?

in order to check the local sms, you can type these numbers into your mobile phone, *123*2# or *555# okay.

Description validity  prices
1000 Local+500 National SMS  28 Days  28 Days
90 Local and National SMS per day 28 Days  36 

Q.4: Why am I not getting any SMS messages?

Not getting any message on your mobile phone, its meaning is not working message app of your android phone. so please solve this condition in a few seconds.

and clear the cache memory of your mobile. first, restart your smartphone and then go to Setting of your mobile phone and select the option mobile app info.

And select the messaging app and clear the cache data of the messaging app. after this you will able to solve this problem on your mobile phone.


in this complete post, we guys learned about the airtel unlimited sms pack. in which, I told you guys the complete information.

but I don’t recommend doing any SMS pack recharge, why do we SMS pack recharge on our mobile phone. when we get all the facilities in a single recharge pack.

if you have any questions related to it so you can ask me guys, I will surely, your reply.

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