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Dear Comrade Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

Do you like to watch a movie online, and you want to download it on your mobile phone, So please stay with this post, because in this post, I will tell you guys about Dear comrade full movie download Tamilrockers.

Because Dear comrade movie is the best love story, romantic, action, and Thriller story. if you want to watch love stories and romantic movies on your mobile phone.

So you can go with this movie because Dear comrade is loaded with a love story and action. if you want to know about how to dear comrade full movie download Tamilrockers.

So you can check out the below all paragraphs, because these all paragraphs are related to it, how to download dear comrade full movie on a mobile phone.

So let’s go to the next paragraph, and knew about the complete process related to how to download any type of movie on an android phone.

1.0.1 Meaning of Comrade?

When someone fights for authority, he has to work with great courage, he may have to face many problems between this, at a time which increases his senses, and I will help him to get to the destination Huh !!
Call that person — (( COMRADE ))

Director: Bharat Kamma
Writer: Bharat Kamma
Stars: Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandanna, Santhosh Adduri

Vijay Devarakonda as the role “Bobby”.
Rashmika Mandanna as the role “Lilly”.
Shruti Ramachandran is the role of Jaya, Lilly’s elder sister.

Suhas as the role of Martin
Vikas as the role of Raghu
Divya as the role of Anitha, Raghu’s girlfriend

Chauhan is the role of Bobby’s grandfather.
Anand as the role of Bobby’s father.
Kalyani Natarajan is the role of Bobby’s mother.

While Dear comrade Tamil movie Released on 26 July 2019!

1 click, movie download?

2.0.1 Story of Dear Comrade Movie?

Very interesting story about this film, Dear comrade movie. whom we guys will know in one by one paragraph, the story of this film starts with 4 youngsters. let’s have fun with the complete story of this film.

The story of this film starts with the student union Because every year the was a fee increase in their school, so the student to makes a strong student union. and do fight their rights, in this field’s main hero Vijay Deveraconda (Bobby).

When Bobby learns that the girl’s cause of death is not the school fee and while he is a boy. the next time. for to understand goes home that boy and understands that boy, after this. A sudden battle begins and in this way, Bobby and his all friends go away in a lockup.

Exit to Lockup:

when Bobby and his all friends come out of the lockup, Suddenly it happens a road accident with a smart girl Lily. which causes Bobby and his friend to get hurt, whom Bobby takes some money from Lily, and Goes from there. Lily also goes from there.

while not know’s Bobby that lily is his relative. when Bobby comes home then he looked that standing a girl his front. this girl No one else was Lily. Bobby gets shocked seeing this.

Love of Bobby and Lily?

when Bobby’s friend asks Lily whether you play cricket or not, Lily laughs and says yes and with this says. I am a state player. All of Bobby’s friends are shocked to hear this. and started doing requests from lily whether Would you like to be captain of my team.

Bobby seeing this moment Bobby falls in love with Lily, and Lily also Love with Bobby. from in this way, do talk to each other.

3.0.1 Dear Comrade Malayalam Movie Download Tamilrockers?

If you want to download my dear comrade Malayalam movie download Tamilrockers, if you know about the Malayalam language and you talk the Malayalam language then I hope. you want will be to download of this Dear comrade in the Malayalam language. so you can do it, you can follow the below paragraph.

Jaya’s Wedding:

Jaya is the elder Sister of Lily, Lily comes to her house at Jaya’s Wedding and he meets Bobby, And in this way, both of them fall in love.

Bobby tells Lily at Jaya’s wedding. I love you but Lily refuses Bobby. and in this way, Lily goes back to his Cricket Hostal. But Bobby does not Feel Relaxed and goes to his hostel to meet Lily and Meets Lily there, And both of them fall in love deeply.

4.0.1 Breakup of both?

when Bobby is also fighting with some boys and he gets some injuries, then Bobby to admit to the hospital and hearing this. Lily Arrives at the Hospital to meet Bobby and Lily says to Bobby’s you leave to Fighting with other people or leave me.

Hearing this, Bobby says Lily, you go from here, and in this way, Lily leaves from there. Comes to a new twist in this film from here and in this way the two are separated from each other.

The Career of State Player Lily:

When lily plays the cricket match in play Field, To comes Ramesh Rao there, is Ramesh Rao is a state player selector Chairman and looks at Lily.

Lily wins this match and Ramesh Raogives a trophy to Lilya and says to from lily. you to meet in my office tomorrow, I will wait for you.

The next day Lily goes to Ramesh Raos in office and Ramesh Rao says to Lily you are beautiful girls. you are a good player, And with this, Ramesh Rao says to Lily you sleep with me, hearing this, Lili comes home from there.

suddenly, Lily’s road Accident gets done and Lily’s Dream is broken in this way, of becoming a state player.

5.0.1 After Three years to meets each other?

when Bobby is with the team goes to Hyderabad to meet a doctor and suddenly, That’s when he meets Lili’s elder sister Jaya and there are some things in both, This between.

Jaya asks Bobby about Lily, Did you meet Lily. Bobby says to Jaya, I did not meet Lily when Jaya tells Bobby that Lily’s Road accident happened, And this time is in the hospital.

Would you like to meet that, then come with me But the doctor refuses to meet Lily, in this way, Bobby gets restless to meet Lily?

in this way, Bobby meets Lily secretly and thinks of Taking Lily from there, and in this way, Bobby takes Lily with him from there.

Bobby’s meet to Rovina:

Suddenly, When Bobby meets Lily’s friend Rovina, Bobby asks Rovina about Lily, Rovina tells Bobby about Lilly all things correct That did happen with lily.

Hearing this, Bobby comes too much angry and Bobby to meet Lily goes to his house, And Bobby hugs Lily.

The bad Career of Ramesh Rao:

When Bobby knows about State players Selector Chairman Ramesh Rao, that Ramesh Rao was want to Sleep with Lily, so left to play the cricket match the Lily. After this,

Bobby with his All friends goes to Ramesh Rao Office and there too much beaten up Ramesh Rao and The Sexual Harassment case puts on Ramesh Rao.

BCI Committee:

A BCI Committee is formed to resolve this case, which comes to Ramesh Rao, Lilly with Father, and Bobby.
Ramesh Rao says in the Committees I am Very Upset.

All the allegations against me are false.
Lily is then asked whether all the allegations against Ramesh Rao of true or False. and Lily says that I had an Accident.

When Ramesh Rao Dowara settled committees, I say that girls from this neighborhood who have no talent and no kind of focus, all want to come upon this post.

Lily gets angry on hearing this and starts beating Ramesh Rao. Lily says sir that it spoiled my Life, Sir cricket was my Dream and in this way, Ramesh Rao is Dismissed from his post and takes custody of Ramesh Rao.

The cast of the Movie?

(( Actress real names )) (( in film names ))
Vijay Devarakonda. Bobby
Rashmika Mandanna Lilly
Shruti Ramachandran. Jaya, Lilly’s elder sister
Suhas. Martin
Pratyusha Jonnalagadda Lily’s friend Rubina.
Kalyani Natarajan. Bobby’s mother.
Raj Arjun Cricket Selector Ramesh Rao.
Charuhasan Bobby’s grandfather.
Divya. Anitha, Raghu’s girlfriend.
Anand. Bobby’s father.
Sanjay Swaroop Lilly’s father
Ashrita Vemuganti Lilly’s mother
Tulasi Jaya’s mother

Title card:

(( major part )) (( Names ))
Directed by Bharath Kamma
Produced by Yash Rangineni
Starring Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandanna, Shruti Ramachandran
Music by Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematograph Sujith Sarang
Edited by Sreejith Sarang
Distributed by Big Ben Cinemas
Release date 26 July 2019
Running time 170 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu
Box office 30 Crore

6.0.1 How to Dear comrade full movie Download Tamilrockers?

if you want a dear comrade Tamil full movie download 720p Isaimini on your mobile phone, so you guys can do it. it is a very simple way for many Tamil and Telugu movies to download.

we guys can download any new and old Tamil movies from there, but I will tell you guys in this post about dear comrade Tamil full movie download 720p Isaimini that how to download do it, on an android phone.

before I told about the dear comrade movie, first of all, in the heading. Dear comrade is the best Tamil and doubts Hindi language movie if you want to watch this movie online, so you guys can see it on your mobile.

if you want to download this movie on your smartphone so you can do it because it is very easy.

you really want to download dear comrade movie’s in Full HD (high definition).

so you can stay this post because I will tell you guys about some complete steps. what is the step, let’s go to know regarding those steps.

7.0.1 You must have some things to Downloading?

Before downloading a dear comrade film, you must have some things because if you have not all these things then you can’t download that movie on your mobile phone. so let’s go know about those things.

  • you have should be an Android phone, who supports the internet.
  • should be any also a data plan on your mobile phone.
  • Before do download dear comrade movie and should be around 2- 2.5 GB of internet data for full HD on your android phone.
  • should be full charge Battery your mobile’s.
  • with this, you keep the mobile phone in the Network area.
  • You have should be a Snaptube App on your mobile.

if you have these all things. congratulation is to you, you guys are ready to download’s dear comrade movie’s on your mobile.

And do follow some steps and do download dear comrade movies in full HD. I hope, you have proper things and let’s go to start, how to download dear comrade movie.

8.0.1 How to download and install SnapTube?

first of all, do start your mobile phone of data network or wifi and open the google chrome AAP of your mobile and do type. Snaptube and search.

as soon as you will be searching, just like this will be open a result page on our front, in which, will be showing a lot of search results.

But we will ignore all results, except one. I mean to say that first of all we will click first on the result.

As soon as will click on first the result, just like that will be open again a new page, our front. in which, we will appear a download button, on which we will do click.

As soon as, we will click this button. likewise, our app download will start but we will wait for some time when our app will be completely downloaded.

will Do install this AAP on your phone, I hope you guys have been installed this AAP on your phone, then let’s go running.

Dear Comrade movie download Isaimini.?

not wasting too much time, and let’s go start, how to download Dear comrade’s complete movie.

such as you guys will be to know that we have proper things for any Tamil movie’s download. why wasting too much time.

First of all, open the Snaputube App on your mobile, after this, you will show a search box on top on-page. on which, we have to do tap and type. Movie’s name Dear comrade and do search.

As soon as, you will click on the search option, likewise will be open again a new dear movie result page on our front. which will look something like this to us.

while we have to do click first of all on the result, as soon as, you will be click on the first result, likewise will be open a new page of a dear comrade movie.

in which we will appear a download button, but we have to do click this button, you can see it’s a related image.

as soon as, we will click on the download button, likewise will be open a new page of the movie’s size on our front.

in which, we can select a film size, you do it select. Click on the one you want to download. as soon as you will click his on size.

likewise will be open a new download page, in which, we will appear a movie size download button, but we have to do click on this.

as soon as, you will click this button, likewise, our movie will start downloading, then you guys can wait for some time.

when till our movie not completely downloading, how so friends seem today’s post, do tell us. so friends we guys in this way can download any movie’s in this world.


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