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Different Types of Web Servers – ( Information) 2021



Different Types of Web Servers in India

Hi there! Welcome to this post all of you guys once again, because today’s post is going too much interesting for you guys. because we will be talking about Different types of web servers.

if you keep interested in the server, and you want to know how it works for hosting and webserver. and how we can use the web server for any type of hosting.

So guys to stay with this complete post. because I will explain all information related to different types of web servers one by one paragraph. As that,

  • What is a web server?
  • how do work for any clients?
  • what is a Database?.
  • And what do work Data base for a server (etc)

You want to know about these all queries one by one. so you can guys follow all paragraphs below because I will mention all information related to the listing of web servers and application servers.

As for as, I know about different types of web servers. any type of web server happens a type of system, which does works to storage DATA.

To keep data as containers. hosting categories are created. which through, we can use to any type of software application to run a web site. such as,

  • WordPress.
  • Joomla.
  • Magento.
  • Cyber panel. (etc)

This all open-source software (application), whose we can take help to run any type of website on the webserver. as for as, I know about the site. basically occur only two types of website.

  1. Static.
  2. Dynamic.

So let’s move on and knew the major information,

1.0.1 What are web servers?

a webserver is such a system (process), which does convert any text files into HTTP. after this, that HTTP file’s to transfer into the Database and readers.

we guys say this process the communication, which happens between viewers and the internet. we guys will understand this process in a bit of detail.

will be understanding about this process you guys, how does it work for Databases and clients. for it, we will be creating two parts and will learn one by one regarding these parts.

The Database?

first of all, will we now talking about the Database that a web server, how do work for the database. so let’s go know, from the beginning.

what happens to the database actually, Database is an internet or we can to say it’s worldwide of the files storage system, for the internet.

which through, operating the internet in this entire world, without it’s we can’t access any files from the internet, and Neither we can to upload any files on the internet.

so it’s a very important part of the operating to Web servers.
because without its web server is can’t do any process for the browsers. in this way, and neither browser can’t do any work for the clients.

Web Server’s main work to Database?

Happens a web server’s main works. Interlink Client and Internet. and To transfer any files with clients and the internet.

it happens the main work of any webservers, or thus also, we can understand this process.

Suppose that, any also blogger to published any post for the internet. so first of all, the web server does receive that post and does convert it into an HTTP file. after this, the webserver sends that’s the file to the database.

in this way, do work our webservers to the database.

The Clients:

when any clients or (internet user) do search any queries of through any browser. that query, first of all, happens the received to the webserver.

After this, the webserver sends that query to the database, while the database searches all results related to that query into a self database.

after this, all results on by getting related to that topic, do again sends of the webserver. and Web server these all results to sends on the browser.

and the browser appears those all results on the mobile screen.

something like this Different Types of Web Servers do works for clients and the internet (database)

2.0.1 What is DATABASE?

The database is a system of doing upload (storage) any type of files that operated the internet in this entire world because without it can’t run the internet.

because it keeps all files of the entire world the self under, which has been searched any queries through by any clients. while the database does provide all answers related to that query.

So the database is the biggest storage memory, which all bloggers and company officers do upload their company all data as to information.

which through, the readers can read all information of in this entire world on the mobile phone to easy. (Read more)

Different Types of Web Servers

3.0.1 Different Types of Web Servers in this world.?

such as you guys will be to know about this that the main keywords of today’s post are a different type of webserver.

such as you guys to know about this that today’s in time a lot of the people in this world and also is a lot of the website.

we need a lot of webservers to run those websites, hence are a lot of webserver in this world. but I will do not tell you guys about all webserver.

but I will tell you about some top web servers if you guys want to know about those top web servers in detail.

so you guys to stay with this paragraph. names of some top Different Types of Web Servers, let’s go to know.

Top web server.

  1. Apache HTTP web server.
  2. llS web server.
  3. Nginx web server.
  4. Lite speed webserver.

Sub web server.

  1. Apache Tomcat.
  2. Node.js.
  3. lighttpd.

4.0.1 Apache.?

Different Types of Web Servers

Apache webserver is the best Web server for any type of to run any communication software, which was started in 1995.

Apache webserver supports almost all operating software, such as,

  • Linux operating software.
  • Windows software.
  • Unix FreeBSD.
  • Mac OS X (etc.)

Approximately 60% of machines running on an apache webserver

you can easily customize the apache web server because it is structure is normal. because it’s open-source.

hence you can customize it anytime. according to your requirements. it is very easy to change any settings.

this is the best compared to other web servers. any queries on this can be solved very easily.

we can install any platform on the Apache webserver. very easily. if you want to use the apache web server so you can use it. any purpose relates to it. to which it relates.

5.0.1 llS (internet information services) server.?

while Microsoft llS web server also the best webserver. it also works like apache because it is not open source.

therefore it becomes a bit difficult to do personal experience in it. I mean to say if you want to add any type of customizing this webserver.

so to do becomes a bit difficult. as you want to customize. it may not be that way.

It supports all the platforms that run the Windows operating system. Additionally, you also get good customer support, if there is an issue. bit difficult.

5.0.1 Nginx web server.?

Different Types of Web Servers

Nginx is the best web server and the next Nginx open-source web server after Apache.

It comprises of IMAP/POP3 proxy server. The significant features offered by Nginx are high performance, stability, simple configuration, and low resource usage.

The threads can not be used by Nginx to handle requests.

instead, a highly scalable event-driven architecture that uses a small and predictable amount of memory under load is utilized.

It has become popular recently and hosts about 7.5% of all the domains globally. Many web hosting companies have started using this server.

6.0.1 Lite speed webserver.?

Different Types of Web Servers

a light speed server is a responsive web server software. it is the 4th webserver one of them, it webserver to used is done 4.7% for websites.

LSWS is developed by privately held LiteSpeed Technologies. this server uses the same configure format data HTTP apache.

and this is services provide the same to the same as apache webserver. the open-source structure is available in this light speed server.

hence we guys can very easily customize it. lightspeed web server released it was done in 2003 and in august 2008 it becomes the 16th most popular web server.

LiteSpeed’s market share grew from 0.39% to 3.29%, increasing its position from 10th to 4th most popular web server according to Netcraft.

7.0.1 How to the works web server.?

as we have come to know that what is the database, what is the web server, and what different types of web servers.

but now we will be talking about, how do web servers work for clients and the internet. if you want to know about this so you to stay with this paragraph.

A web server is a communication software to establish a relationship between the devices and the database. I mean to say, connecting databases and devices.

so that web servers can easily take any file to the Database and from there can any type of file could bring for the clients.

Give attention to here:

when any internet user or any type of client does search any query by the web browser. These queries Goen to a webserver.

and a webserver sends this question to the database, now the database does search those files relates to this query.

database search all files and returns all files to the webserver. while webserver those files shows on the devices.

by which any internet user get answer and question related to that query.

so a webserver something like this works for DAtabase and internet users. do you understand this text?

8.0.1 Different types of browsers and web servers?

first of all, we guys will be talking about, what is a web browser. The web browser is a device application and software.

which is done install on any type of device. such as

  • laptops.
  • Tablets.
  • Androids.

Because without it’s we can do not any works related to the internet. some names of the web browser. you check browser names.

which is available for laptops, tablets, and androids, etc.
 so you can checklist.

  • google chrome.
  • .Firefox.
  • Safari.
  • Internet Explorer.
  • Opera.
  • Mobile safari.
  • US browser.
  • SRware iron.
  • Android browser.
  • Phantom JS.

if you want to do any works on the internet, so you, first of all, to do install web browser applications on your requirement on the devices.

After this only, we can use the internet on self devices for any work.

How it works for any clients:

when any visitors or clients want to search or to know about that for any query on the internet.

now clients type that query on the search engine or web browser and after this clicking the search button.

when any clients or the internet user clicking the search button. A web browser sends that query or question to a web server.

and a web browser shows that data any type of on the devices. for us, the web browser does work something like this.

while a web server.?

while a web server is done main works to do communicate or give and take any type of files. we can say it also.

connecting web server and database. because without it’s we can not receive any results that any type of query from the internet.

hence its is a very important role to do search results related to any type of query. if you are a blogger or an online businessman so you will be known about this.

Different Types of Web Servers

if you are new in this field no problem because I will tell you about this one by one all steps related to it.

if you are doing any works on the internet, then you will definitely have a website. to do run that website, you must have bought web hosting. do you know that

web = internet space and hosting = communicating any type of files?

if you want to run any type of website on the internet. for this, you will do install any type of platform on your web hosting, such as.

  1. WordPress.
  2. Magento.
  3. Joomla.
  4. Cyber panel.
  5. Kusarag.
  6. Presta shop.
  7. Drupal.
  8. Ghost.

with this, do you know. what do we install WordPress software? if you are do not know about this so you can follow some points.

We install WordPress software in Hosting. and web hosting is done on the install webserver.

How it works.?

when any clients search any query by a web browser on the internet. then a web browser sends that question to a web server.

the web server sends that query to the database. and database to extracts all results related to that question. and gives those all results a web server.

while a web server gives all results of the web browser and web browser those all results shown on that device. A webserver something like this does work.


I told you in this post regarding Different Types of Web Servers, as far as, I knew about this, I told you all this, and you want to build a hosting provider company.

then you can buy some web servers for your company and you build a hosting provider company but keep attention one Talke.

before doing any company works, you can take the complete information from the internet or your friends. after this, you can do start that work.



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