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Zee Tv App Download: & Complete Setup on Mobile



Hi guys! Welcome to this post, all of you guys. in the post, I will tell you guys about the Zee Tv App Download. if you guys to recently bought a new (second-hand phone) android phone or you have an old smartphone.

then you can use to Zee Tv app on your that android phone, would you like to use Zee ntertertainment app if you have interest to watch movies, tv serials, comedy serials, and new and old series. so you can go with zeetv serial app.

because Zee tv app is the best an android phone app, which through you can check all serials one by one of the Zee Tv channels on your mobile phone.

Zee Tv Download App: on Your Android Phone
Zee Tv App Download

As you guys might know about Indian’s all tv chennels. india’s tv chennels is the best tv channels, such a lot of tv channels in india. who is provide types of the multiple entertainment channels for peoples in this world. as that,

  • Star Utsav Hindi Channel.
  • Movies OK Hindi Channel
  • Zee Anmol Hindi Channel.
  • Earn money with TV channels.
  • Life OK Hindi Channel.
  • Star Plus Hindi Channel.
  • Zee Anmol Hindi Channel.
  • Star Sports 1 Hindi Channel.
  • DD Sports Hindi Channel (etc)

if you want these all tv channels to watch and download on your mobile phone, .so for this, you to do install zee tv app on your smartphone. if you don’t install of this app on your mobile phone so you can’t take fun All serials of the Zee tv channel on your mobile phone. let’s go know

1.0.1 what is Zee tv app?

Zee tv app is a indian tv channels app. owner of the channel is Zee Entertaiment enterprise. Zee tv app is also an offcial Indian tv channel.

this app through we can take fun to watch any movie, shows and Tv serial programs on your mobile phone. i recommend you guys, once you try with the Zee app. because you will able to look you those all serials, which you do like to watch.

really it is the best an tv option for you guys if you want to watch any Zee tv’s serials. you guys go with it.

Fetures of Zee tv app:

Zee tv app’s quelity is we can use the app on the mobile phone a very easily becuse its enterface is clear and cool because it has been done navigate into propar options.

which through, we can find any Zee tv serials , shos, series and movies which you want to watch to your mobile phone. will be this process is complete in very short time.

this app’s all contents part not only divided and you will be also get an sercha options in this app. which through, you can search any entertainment contents related to Zee Tv Entertaiment prisease.

and you can take fun that content. the most important thing is included a lot of mp3 and videos songs in this app which we can to listen one by one all songs.

and yes, listen. if during this time you find any interest content, so you can do bookmark that content to listen any time.really it is the best option for us.

Zee tv app you gives entaire vantage to watch and take fun’ finest materials of the popular Zee Tv channel which you can use any where and anytime on your mobile phone.


Aim of this app:

Main aim of this Zee tv app. To Reach his all services related to the Entertainment till peoples of this world, he want is, everyone persons of this world take fun with movie and series with our Zee tv App.

2.0.1 Zee tv App Download for Mobile?

Do you’re an android (smartphone) user, and you keep interest to watch Zee tv channels all programs and shows. so you must go with
zeetv serial app.

because this app does you availiable those all services which you want to watch on android phone to related to indian tv serials.

before to watch any tv channel serials and Series or movie you must have install Zee app on your smartphone. if you don’t have this app then you to go google play store’s of your the mobile and download.

would you like i tell you guys about one by one these all steps. which through, you can download a very easy this app whith into some steps.

so let’s go to start and know how to install Zee app on your Androind phone. because in this post i will provide entire information.

Download & install of this app:

its a very simple process how to download Zee app on your iphone, it is can do anyone. bus you must have some things and how to do complete of this process about this you must have some information.

but don’t take any tension into about this because i will explain complete information related to it, in this post. bus you can do read of this post is complete

if you don’t read this post, then you will don’t able to understand this complete proces which you’ll be wast time.

if you really want to download zee tv serial App on your smartphone so you can read of this complete post because it is best process for you guys.

Must have some things:

before any zee tv app download you have must some things, if you have don’t these things then you don’t able to install any appilication on your mobile from the google play store.

so i mentioning some things just below which you can check out because it is a very compleseri so let’s go know,

  • you mush have an Email ID.
  • you must have an Android or smartphone.
  • do you have the Airtel internet plans on your mobile phone. or wifi connection.

you should be have these some things. look here, if you don’t have anyone smartphone(iphone) then you come don’t here, because you don’t need it.

matter of airtel internet data plans, if don’t is. so you can do it. do you don’t know about how to do Airtel self recharge on your mobile phone. would you like to know about this the Airtel self recharge.

but now will we talking about the how to create An Email id into some steps. do you haveno’t google email id and you want to make a new Google Email Id then you can follow some stepes related to it.

How to crete a google Email id?

first of all, we to go to on google official website because we want to make a new email Id. for this, you can take help any browser and any the internet suppot devices.

i hope you will have a internet support device, so let’s go to start this process. if you don’t to do search on your mobile of this query and you want redirect on the google official page from her, so you can do it. (click here).

And you want to do the search manually of this question on the android phone then you can follow some Guideline below.

Manually search:

open a chrome browser on your mobile phone and write click the Research button and wait for a few seconds.

you will see a lot of results related to it on that page. but you can click first of all above result on that page. as soon as, you will be click that link, just like this, you will be redirect to the gooogle official page.

which you will appear something like this for this you can check the below image. which you will see three top buttons. as that,

  1. for work.
  2. sign in.
  3. create an account.
best app for zee tv serials

Create an email id:

After this, you will click the Create an account button, likewise will be open agin a new page our front. in which you will be get many fillupbox, whom we guys’ll be fill one one all box. so let’s go start and know about what in which fill box.

zee tv app download serial

Fillup all box one by one:

As you guys might know, will get many options on that page. whom we guys will fill one by one, so let’s go to start by taking the first box.


the put you your first name into first box. suppose that, my name lakshman prasad , then will my first name lakshman. okay.


you can put your second name to the second box. Accep it, my name is manoj kumar, then will my second name Kumar.

Third box:

User name it is very important part of this account. because it is must be Unique User name, i mean to say, you can choose such a Unique user name.

for this you can try repeatedly, unless you get not unique username. as soon as, you will get unique username, you will appear a right signal in right side. for Example: [email protected], [email protected]

Fourth- box:

in this box, you can insert your strong password. it is password must be at least 8 characters, the must include the all specific, alphabet, numerical character,
for this, look here: [email protected]$3322/


you can insert your same password in this box. which you just made. after this, you will get the next button just below on that page on which you click on the button. as soon as, you will click on this button, will be open again a new in which will ask you about your mobile phone number.

So please, insert your correct mobile number on this box because google will verify your mobile number because google sends an OTP number on your mobile phone.

Notice:- before insert to do any mobile number on this box, you select your country after this, you can put your mobile number to receive an OTP ( one time password)

And click the next button. will open again a new page in which will ask you about the OTP number, you will receive an OTP number on your mobile number phone. which you just put.

and you click the Verify button, you will get again a new page. in which you can fill some information. let’s go know. what to do fill.

Fill some personal information:

right now, us will be fill some personal information in this page, then you can follow one by one all points just below.

First point:

you can put your close friend’s Email id, in this box. to do such is best for us, because when we forget our password. we can take help close friend’s email id to the reseat your password.

Second point:

you select your date of birth/ whatever but please attention one talk, whatever you inserting your date of birth. you should be complete 18 years.

Third point:

At this point, you can select your gender. if you’re a girl then you can select Femail, and you a boy then you can select maile. and you click the next button.

it Will take you to the next page, and you click the Aggery button. as soon as, click the Aggry button. you have been created a google account Successfully.

3.0.1 How to active google play store Account?

I hope you guys you must have created a google Gmail account now comes talke, how to active google play store account, with the help a google Gmail id. so let’s go on – android phone.

Restart your mobile phone, and click on the google play store application. as soon as, you will we click on this button you will appear its interface something like can check out the below image.

zee tv app download serial

And you will get a sign-in button below. on which, we will click. as soon as, will click on this button will be open again a new page in which will ask you about your correct Email Id.

you can insert your email id. what you just made? after fill, click the next button and wait for a few seconds. now will open a new page again which you will ask you about your personal and Strong password.

so, please insert your 8 or more than digit password. and click the next button. after this, will open again the agreement button. which means to click. you are accepting all terms conditions of the google.

your google play account has been done Activated, now be can use our google play account’s for to install any app into the mobile phone. as that,

  • Google app.
  • Airtel payment bank.
  • games.
  • earn money.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Online shopping App.
  • Stock market.
  • job requirement (etc).

4.0.1 Install Zee Tv App on Android Phone?

As you guys might know. I did mention all information related to this Query on how to download the Zee tv app on the android phone. I have covered at least all the points related to this topic but there are some points left now.

Or we can to say it’s our main point, how to install Zee tv App on your mobile phone. so let’s go know about this,

Install App:

Are you really want to know about this how to download the Zee entertainment app on your mobile phone, yes. you can do it and know but you can follow some steps related to it.

(1) Step:

first of all, restart your mobile phone, and open your mobile phone the internet data if you don’t have the internet data plan active then you can do your mobile phone connect with any mobile phone by wifi.

And you check your mobile phone, is your mobile phone supporting internet or not? after doing all this, you can go on Google play store of your mobile phone.

Do open google play app, and you will appear a search option on top that page. on which you tap once. and write Zee tv app, or you can write Zee tv Entertainment.

And you will see a lot of results related to it, which will have different ovjectiove but I recommend you. check the below image related to it.


And you simply click the insatall button, and wait for a few seconds. i mean to say, you are to stay on that page, when till your app install in your mobile phone.

you are ready to use this app on your mobile phone, now you opean this app the android phone, and take fun Zee tv App’s with the entertainment.


In this complete post, we guys learned about how to download On your mobile or android phone. it is your habit to watch any Zee tv serials, shows, series and movies then you can go with Zee tv app entertainment.

because this app us gives a lot of services with this app, which we can watch multiple movies, shows, tv serials, and news information on our mobile phone in a very easy way. because we will get a search option on its Interface.

which by we can find that content which you like to watch, with this we can bookmark that contains a very easy. which you can see any time and anywhere.

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