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List of Maa Tv Serials:( 2020 ) [ NEW UPDATE ]



List of Maa Tv Serials

Do you an Indian person and you like to watch Hindi, Telugu and Tamil serials in India. then you guys can follow in this post because I will tell you guys, in this post about List of Maa Tv Serials.

if you’re kept interested in any Telugus and Tamil movies and serials, then this is most helpful for you guys. because in this post you guys will know about the Maa Tv serials list.

if you are living at this time in Hyderabad, south Asia or you are living any places in India. you must come to Tamil, Telugu and Hindi languages.

because you will get able to all Tv channels of the serial Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu language. because Maa Tv channels provide his all Tv serials in Telugu and Tamil because it is a Telugu channel.

if you are really to know about those all tv serials of the Maa tv channel. whom you liked to watch on your Dish Tv then you guys to do read all paragraphs of this post.

because I will tell you guys complete information related to Maa tv serials, I hope that you will read all paragraphs of this content. if you’re kept interested for to know about all serials of the Maa Tv channel.
so let’s go with me,

1.0.1 What is Maa tv channel?

Maa tv channel is an Indian and general entertainment Tv channels. which is a privet broadcast television channel, and the Owner of this channel is Star India.

The Prime language of this channel is Telugu, you will able to watch this tv channel all tv series, movies, shows, and series in the Telugu language.

So you should come the Telugu language. if you don’t comes the Telugu language then maybe you don’t understand the content that serials.

Star India properties did lanch as Maa tv a channel and it makes a privet channel of India. I mean to say if you want to use this channel on your dish tv connection so for that, you will pay some money every month.

only after this, you can use this channel’s on your dish Tv.

2.0.1 Maa tv channel’s serials list, do you will be check?

Are you really want to know those all tv serials, which does broadcast by maa Tv channel? then you guys to stay with this complete content.

because we will know about those all Telugu serials. which we want to know. in this content, I will mention some of its Tv serial’s names with a complete list.

which you can check out one by one those all serials whom you want to find. so you can check the below list related to Maa TV Serials List 2020.

((Maa TV Serials List)) ((2020))
Kante koothurne kanaliOk jaanu
Kanulu Moosina NeevayePavitra Bandham
Kathalo RajakumariPremayudham
KrishnaveniRaaja Ran
AttarilluJanaki Ramudu
Ashta ChammaEetaram Illalu
Sasirekha ParinayamNeeli kalavalu
SeethamaalakshmiManasuna Manasai
ShakthiNaadhi Aadajanma
Sri subrahmanya chNaanaku Prematho
ChigurakulaloManasupalike Mounageetham
ChilakammaManasuna Manasai
Chinnari PellikuthuruHara Hara Mahadeva
Choopulu Kalasina ShubavelaHouse of Hungama

it was some Tv serials of the Maa Tv channel who dose broadcast form the Maa Channel. A lot of such is Tv serials who does broadcast by maa television channel but I don’t do mention those all serials in this content.

if you want to know those all serials’ contents, so you can go with its officials’ website, and you do find them all contents.

3.0.1 Star Maa Schedule, Serials List?

Now will be talking about Star Maa Schedule, Serials List. in which, we guys will learned those all Channels serials names with timing and days.

would you like to know about these all Maa tv channel’s serials? are you excited by taking this talk then you guys can follow all paragraphs of this post below?

which I will explain regarding one by one. are you ready to know all this, so okay? I also to ready to tell you guys all this.

((Maa Tv Telugu Serials List))
Savitramma Gari Abbayi
Aame Katha
Mouna Raagam
Bangaru Panjaram
Bhale Chance Le
Star Maa Parivar League
Start Music
Manasichi Chudu.
Kartika Deepam
TV MovieBahubali
Aame Katha
Bangaru Panjaram
Bangaru Panjaram
Savitramma Gari Abbayi

it was some Maa tv channel tv’s serials which I did mentioned one by one in rows, you guys can check out the complete list of the Star Maa TV Serials List.

but now will we talking about in these all serials in details one by one. would you like to talk about these, so you guys tell me about this topic in the comment section.

Star Maa TV Serials List.?

if you want to know about these all serials in complete details so you can take help to the internet. but my motto is not that you do search on the internet into multiple variations.

I want to say that you by going with its official website and you can take its complete information, okay.

but I’m to tell you only some various text related to it, and not complete information that will helpful for you guys. so let’s go to start and know some info,

(1)- Savitramma_ Telugu Tv serial:

Savitramma Gari Abbayi tv serial is the best tv serial in the Telugu language because it is tv serials the family serial which you can see with all members of your family.

hence you guys will able to watch love story, action, comedy, and Emosnal in this complete serial, who’ll increase your mind.

Time)) Days))
2:00 Am 2:30 Monday, Sunday.

(2) Aame Katha serial:

Aambe katha is a Ladies group serial, i mean to say. Starts the story of this serial by a lady, and after some time becames a ladies group.

and comes a new twist in the story, and takes born a man in this story. who is do love with a lady.

( 2:30, Am- 3:00/ Monday-Sunday)!

(3)- Mouna Raagam serial:

 Star Maa TV Serials List

You will able to watch a boy’s amazing in these serials. how he comes into the story. and how goes to school and how he does love with a schoolgirl.

These all to for knowledge, you can watch this tv serial, really it is a very interesting serial.

( 6:30 AM – 7:00 Am/ Monday-Sunday)

(4)- Gorintaku serial:

you guys will see in this serial a mental lady, baby, and a healthy lady. the story is two mothers.

( 7:00 AM- 7:30 / Monday-Sunday)

(5) Bangaru Panjaram Serial:

Bangaru Panjaram Serial is the best the Telugu language serial if you kept interested to watch any Tamil language serials. so you can go with this tv serials because you will get everything to watch, which happens in a serial.

( 10:30 PM- 11:00 PM / Monday-Sunday))

(6)- Vadinamma Serial:

Vadinamma tv Serial it is very interesting, because Do good performance all actors of the Tv serials. therefore is the best tv series.

because as you might know about any Actor if doing any Actor is good acting then will be popular his all tv serial. happens to be the main role of the actors in any movies and tv serials.

(7:30 AM- 8:00 / Monday- Sunday)

(7)- Bhale chance le:

Bhale chance le is a comedy tv serial, do you like to watch any comedy Telugu serial. if yes. then you guys can go with this tv serial.

As you guys might know that stay happy in life it is a very important moment in our life.

(9:30AM – 10:00 Am/ Monday-Sunday)

(8) Movies:

Maa tv channel gives us a chance to become entertainment in our life. if will look at the movie is a part of our life.

which we can’t stay in this world, because movies do refresh our mind. as that,

  • Stress.
  • work presser.
  • depression.
  • Restlessness.
  • Gum.

if you want really to avoid these all conditions then I recommend you guys to watch a movie about your like. after watching any movie, I’m sure happen will refresh your mind.

(12:00 AM- 2:00 AM / Monday-Sunday)

(9) Star Music:

MAA TV Telugu serials

Star music is the best Tv channel of the Maa Tv Channel, which gives us a chance a lot of find songs. this channel through we can find new and old songs and listen to these all songs.

As you may know. All guys listen the songs on self device today in time. because listen to the song, it is a Psychology effect’s every people in this world’s.

( 2:00 PM- 2:30 / Monday- sunday)

(10)- Kartika deepam serial:

Kartika Deepam serial is a mythologic tv serial, if you’re kept interest to watch any related to mythologic serials then you can go with this Kartika Deepam Serial.

because you will get to watch much more related to mythologic. are you ready to go with this serial.

(4:30 AM- 5:00 Am / Monday-Sunday)

(11)- Tv moviebahubali:

Do you like to watch the south movies. as that,

  1. Agadu.
  2. Adda.
  3. Adhurs.
  4. Thriller.
  5. Awe.
  6. Autongar Surya.

(11: 00 AM- 2:00 Am / Monday-Sunday)

(12)- Gorinataku serial:

MAA TV Telugu serials

Gorinataku serial also is a good serial of the Maa tv channel, if you want to see of this Gorinataku serial then you can go Maa tv channel.

( 5:00 -5:30 AM /- Monday-Sunday)

3.0.1 Pros & cons on to watch any Tv serials, movies?

Pro & con is not someone a new condition because it is all guys know. you go any filed but you will get two conditions that filed Pros and cons.

by taking this talk, I want to say some about this query. I know it is not kept any matter for any person but I will still to say about this some.

And I want you to read this part of this post. if I do any mistake, so please tell me about that mistake because I’m a human, To do mistake this is my habit. therefore let’s go to start and know about those all pros & cons.

Have some pros related to this topic:

If you have an android or any smartphone, and you do use your mobile phone to any entertainment or improve your knowledge. then you have a good habit.

because mobile is such a part of our life, which we can’t lose. I think such that without a mobile phone is our life incomplete.

because once we can leave eat the food but we can’t leave to operate the mobile phone. because it has with all peoples of this world. it can’t be forgotten.


  • Improve you, Skeel.
  • take the fun of any entertainment on the internet.
  • improve your skeel on any fields into free by through youtube or with any paid course.
  • keep latest the information on this entire world.
  • And you can check out any jobs results in 5-10 seconds.
  • you can do any online transaction or mobile recharge on your mobile phone.
  • you can do a very easily paperless work on your mobile phone. (etc).

Its some Cons”

if wee guys talking about its cons then its cons are too much. suppose that, you are like to watch any movies, tv serials, and shows, and you have don’t an android phone or dish tv. so what you’ll do.

you will buy an android phone or Dish tv. for which, you will spend some money, after this, you will spend some your time watching any movies and serial.

And you know about the time it is a very important moment in our life. It should do don’t wast such.

supposing you bought a smartphone, then you’ll doing wast too much time and money in self-life. because the mobile to buy it’s easy but its to do a data plan recharge on your mobile phone to difficult.

supposing you want to do the data plan recharge on your mobile phone, then you will pay to any telecom companies of at least 200-249 rupees every month. after this, you will be doing the all this,

  • Do cheating with your friends on Facebook till hours.
  • Do cheating on the WhatsApp.
  • Playing online games.
  • Watching movies on youtube.
  • Talk for hours (etc)


Bay the way, this is a post only for the Maa tv serials. But I seem such that we must tell you guys more then. therefore I did add some other content related to its topic.

you’ll be guys know it all this. leave all this, now we guys talk about our main topic. in case you’re interested and like to watch tv serials then you can check out the complete post once.

because I covered those about all tv serials in this complete post, which broadcast by Maa tv channel but keep the attention of this talk. this is a paid channel.

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