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Portal Airtel Payment Bank Account: Registration & (Mobile Rech)



Portal Airtel Payment Bank Account in india

As you guys might know that Airtel has launched a new service as the Airtel payment bank account, or we can say of this service also the portal airtel payment bank wallet service.

Today’s in time it’s a very important service for any online user because today’s in time are happening these all works in digital.

so you have the biggest chance you gone to digital, and to use the airtel payment bank services online. would you like to use the airtel services with an airtel account?

I’m sure 90% that if you’re a sim card network user, and you did include a sim card in your mobile phone then you will be want to use definitely the portal payment bank account.

because you don’t know regarding its the complete information. when you will know about its the complete information.

then you will don’t stop self you to do registration in the Airtel money account. I promise you to related this topic.

would you like to know about its those all services. for this you can follow the below to services list, which are related to this topic. so let’s go the below list,

Red these also:

1.0.1 Some services of the Airtel Payment bank account?

Do you also want to use the airtel money account on your android phone? when you will be registration in the airtel payment bank account.

You’ll get some services to use by through on the internet. which following,

  • prepaid recharge.
  • Postpaid recharge.
  • DTH recharge.
  • Broadband recharge.
  • Donegal recharge.
  • Gas bill payment.
  • electricity bill payment.
  • Water bill.
  • Scan & pay.
  • Debit card.
  • Gift card.
  • Add money.
  • Money transfer to a bank account.
  • FAStag.
  • LIC insurance premium.
  • bus tickets (etc.)

the take can profit these all services and you can take also too much profit. because I did not here mention too much about its profit. when you will try with this then you will know about its all profit.

2.0.1 What is portal Airtel payment Bank Account in India?

Airtel payment bank account is a mini bank online wallet potal service. Its was issued government license by India Reserve bank in 2016 for banking business.

which provides multiple banking and other services for its customers, with this, gives us 1-year cover insurance.

the customers can keep 1lac rupees in the airte account one day, and take interest in the remaining balance. Airtel payment bank account is a part of the Airtel company and his owner by Mr. Sunil Mittal Ji.

if you guys want to use these all services on your mobile phone, so for this, you have must an airtel money payment bank account.

you don’t have The airtel account, then any problems because I will provide complete information related to it so you guys do can follow all information related to it. the read all steps related to it below.

3.0.1 Some services of Airtel Payment bank retailer portal?

Its too many services, who are provided their all customers. but I mention here some its services names so you guys can check out those services about.

Maybe you might know about this that the Airtel company divided his all services in some category. but here, I’ will tell you about some major categories, and those all subcategories.

Its some Major Categories:

These are some major categories of the Portal Airtel Payment Bank.

  1. Recharge & Bill payments.
  2. Travel.
  3. Financial services.
  4. Buy.
  5. your Account.

# Recharge & Bill payment:

Comes too many subcategories under the major category because this is a specific category (Recharge & bill payments) so let’s go know about those all subcategories, for this you can check out the below list.

(( Names of Subcategories))
Mobile recharge
postpaid payment.
Data card recharge.
DTH recharge.
Electricity bill payment.
Gas bill.
Water bill.
Broadband bill.

# Travel:

Train tickets.
Bus tickets.

# Financial services:

2 wheeler insurance.
Lic Insurance premium.
Hospice insurance.
Get Lon

# Buy:

  1. FAStag. 2. Gift Card. 3. Google Play.

# Your Account:

Sand to bank.
Add money.
Scan & pay.
Refer & earn.
Send money.

these are some services, who provide the Airtel payment bank their customers. we can take profit these all services on a smartphone. By creating a new portal payment bank account.

4.0.1 Open an Airtel Payment bank, wallet account?

If you want to use Airtel payment bank account on your mobile phone. very good you think. before using this account its related have some terms & conditions. without we can’t use its all services.

Let’s go to know about its some terms & conditions, what they are.

if you wan really to do registration on Portel airtel payment bank account. that you must have some things. only then, you can do apply for this account otherwise, you do not can to do registration with this service.

i hope, that you will have these all things related to it. let’s go know those About things,

You must have somethings:

  • you must have an airtel or non-airtel sim card.
  • You have should be your personal Aadhar card, a pan card, a driving license, Voter id card, Passport.
  • And a smartphone or Android phone.

I think that you will have these all things. if you won’t have them all things then you can’t do registration with the Airtel payment service.

so before doing registration into the Airtel money wallet account. you must have proper all things, you don’t have one of them, the things. complete that. after this try with it.

5.0.1 Right now, How to Registration in Airtel money wallte?

Do you certainly want to do registration in the airtel payment bank account, okay? then it means, you are excited to use them all services on the self smartphone.

I can understand that you will have a smartphone or laptop device. you don’t have a laptop or android phone then you can take help from your close friends. maybe, They have a device.

I think that you’re certainly ready for this process. I seem, Now we should go on its official website. before going to its official website.

we should check about some ways, who one is they ways, by through we can go easy on the airtel’s official site. for this, we have such two ways. which through we can go very its main site.

First way:

It’s a very easy and normal way. What to do this, nothing just. Open your mobile or laptop, and then open a google chrome browser on your device.

And type the Airtel payment bank account, and do research ( ). you will see too many results related to that query, but you can click the first of all, on the above result.

As soon as, you will click on that result, will be you redirect the Airtel’s official site. now will be talking about the second way.

Second Way:

You want to don’t these all this, then you can take to help of this link because it’s the link, Will take you to that airtel’s main site.

I mean to say about this that you will to do a simple click and you are will be done redirect on that airtel page ( just now, you will click here )

just now, we guys learned about such tow ways, which through, we can go to easy the airtel’s official site. Now we move on, and know about the how to registration in the Airtel payment bank account.

6.0.1 Open an Account in the Airtel Portal Bank?

as you guys might know. just know, I told you guys about such two processes which do helps, go to on the Airtel main site. but it’s depending on for you that you use, which one ways.

Don’t matter that you use which one way. when will be you once to go on Its official website? now you will appear its Interface, something’s like this. you can look at the below image related to it.

How to open airtel payment bank account

In which, you will meet 2 options in the top menu.

And you’ll get two options on this page 1. Registration, 2 logins. if you have done already registration on the Airtel payment bank account to use its all services on your mobile phone already.

then you can go with its Login button, but this post is for the Airtel payment registration and new airtel or non-airtel user, then will we go with the Registration button.

  1. login.
  2. New Registration.

So click the Registration option, will be open a new page our front. which will ask you about your correct Aitel or non-airtel the mobile number.

and in the next option, you can select your Identity document because it’s important to select any identity. After doing all this, you will see the next button, just below.

  1. Enter mobile number.
  2. Select of proof identity.

Click on that button, again will be open a new pop-up page, which will ask you regarding the OTP (one-time-password).

it’s OTP, you will receive on your mobile phone. who you just entered the mobile number to registration in the airtel account.
and then, click the Submit option?

as soon as, you will click the submit button, Likewise will be you entered in the Dashboard of your Airtel payment bank account. somethings like this, we can do registration in the Airtel wallet account.

now will we learn about than how to registration through by the airtel application? are you ready all guys to know the complete process?

7.0.1 Open a airtel money Accout with the Aitel thank app?

we have just known how to registration in airtel payment bank, through of the airtel official website but now will we know that how to open an Airtel wallet account through the airtel Application.

So for this, you must have an android phone and an Airtel thank app install on your mobile phone. if you have not anyone the airtel App at this time on your mobile phone.

first of all, So download it and install on your android phone. I hope that you will have done download and install this app.

now we move on, its the next point because it points too much useful for you. so please take in these all points care.

Open of airtel thank app on your mobile phone:

click the airtel thank app to open. you will appear its interface, something like this. so you can see the below image.

Portal Airtel Payment Bank

and you’ll get a continue button on that page. Click the continue button after this, will become to some permission but we will all these permissions the Allow.

on doing such, you will get a new page. which will ask you about your correct airtel or non-airte the mobile number.

you put your correct number in this box and click the Request OTP button. will be done automatically verified your mobile number.

you have done successfully registration in the airtel thank app. but you have not done registered with airtel payment bank. but now we will register in the airtel wallet.

Register in airtel bank Wallet:

And you will get at the below a Banking option on that page. click the banking button, will make you able to a new page. where you will fillup some personal information on that page

let’s go know, What information to fill. where you will get at least 6-7 boxes on that page, which we will fill all boxes one by one. you can look the below image

Portal Airtel Payment Bank

(1) First box:

Put your first name in this box.

(2) Second box:

insert your last name in thsi box. suppose that my name is manoj khanna So my last name will be Khanna.

(3) Third box:

in this boox, you can inserat your Date of birth.

(4) fourth box:

Put your Gmail ID. such as, ( manojkumar [email protected]).

(5) fifth box:

Fill up your area pin code. such as, (262202).

(6) Sixe Box:

select any iD proof Of these.

After filling all this, click the Countinue button below.

will be open again to a new page, which will ask you to create 4 digit Number mPIN. make your four-digit PIN and click the below-Done button.

As soon as, you click the Done option. you have done successfully created an Portal Airtel Payment Bank wallet, and you will receive a message congratulation.

so friends, in this way. we can make an airtel money account wallet. if you want to do close airtel account. (Red more)

5.0.1 Add money in Airtel Payment Bank wallet?

we guys will learn in this paragraph how to Add money in your Airtel payment bank account. Add money, it is a very simple process that we guys can do in ease process. For this, we will to do follow some steps. let’s go to know those steps,

First step (1)

Login on your Airtel account:

For login, we to go to its official website, you can search on the Google Chrome browser ( or you can click here (Airtel official website).

After this, you will appear too many results on SERP (Serach engine Rank page) but you guys click on the above result or Add money button on that page.

will be open a new page our front, will appear somethings like this and you will get a login button on that page. Click on this button.

likewise, will be open again a new page and you will get Amount option, which you can insert Amount. As much as you want. And click right symbol button

After this again will be open a new page of the select payment option. select the bank, which you have a debit card. will be open again a new page our front. which we will fill some information related to our Debit card.

portal airtel payment bank retailer

Second step (2)

you will be some option appear on this page, whose we guys will fill one by one so let’s go know about those options,

Debit card information:

Debit card number152673894674796
your correct nameRajkumar, XYZ
Expiry date your debit card04/20

And click New debit card? insert all information one by one.

portal airtel payment bank retailer

first box:

insert your correct debit card number:- 162738467596840.

Second box:

in this box, you can insert your name but keep to attention that inserts the name, Which’re on your debit card.

Third option:

in this box fill your debit card Expire date and years.

Fourth option:

Insert your debit card CVV numbers, you will get these CVV numbers your debit card behind.

after this all filling. Click the Pay Now button below. will be done you redirect on another page and wait for a few seconds. will be open again a new OTP page of your front the insert your OTP (one-time-password).

you will receive an OTP number on your registered mobile number. I mean to say when did you register with airtel payment bank account. the number you entered at that time. and, Click the submit button.

portal airtel payment

As soon as, you click the Sumit button. and wait for few a seconds these take a short time because verify your password security. after this, you will see a successful message on your mobile screen.

portal airtel payment

from in this way, we can Add money to the Airtel payment bank account. I hope that you guys to like this content till here.

6.0.1 How to do Mobile RechargeAirtel From Balance?

Before doing any Airtel or non-airtel recharge, we must check out that is the proper balance in my Airtel portal account.

If you don’t Remain balance in your Airtel account, then before Add money to your personal account, and after this, you can do recharge any airtel and non-airtel mobile phone.

for do recharge, we to go to in dashboard of airtel money account. for this, let’s go login in portal airtel payment bank. you can go on the Airtel money official website or click here (portal Bank)

and you will see 2 options here 1. Login 2. Registration but will click on the Login button because we want to do recharge on the prepaid number. this process we can manage on the desktop.

Desktop user:

As soon as, you click on the Login button, likewise, will be open a new page. in which put Airtel mobile number and OTP.

After this, you click the Securely login button below. from in this way, we enter in airtel money Dashboard through the laptop. now will be talking about mobile device.

Airtel payment bank retailer portal login?

we guys learned about how to login to airtel payment bank by laptop but now will know about how to login on a mobile device. are you ready all guys?

for this, first of all, we to do download and install the Airtel payment bank account on your android phone. you can take help with your google play store. and write airtel payment bank in google play store search bar.

7.0.1 Download and install the Airtel App:

Before doing this process, you guys must have an android phone and with this, you must have to install the Airtel App on your smartphone. do Download Airtel App on your mobile phone.

I hope you guys have been done to install the airtel app on your mobile phone, so let’s go to start how to Airtel self recharge.

Airtel Self recharge:

Open Airtel App on your mobile phone, you will appear dashboard something like this.

portal airtel payment

you will get three options on this page. as that.

But we will click on this Mobile Recharge button. as soon as, you will click the Mobile recharge button, likewise, it will be open a new page. in which, you will put that mobile number, on which you want to do recharge.

airtel money account.

After this, you do select the operator and state. with this, you will get an Enter amount box below, on which you enter the Amount number.

And you will be showing a list related to that Amount, now you want to do recharge how much on your mobile number.

So once click that list part and wait for a few seconds, fetching payment option. and you will appear a Payment Bank button.

Portal Airtel Payment Bank

But we will do click this option, as soon as, you will click on this button, likewise, will be again open a new popup page. which will ask about your mPIN and you put your correct 4 digit Mpin.

After this, you click the Confirm button and wait for a few seconds after this, you will receive a message from Airtel payment bank.

Portal Airtel Payment Bank

from in this way, we guys can Airtel self recharge on your and other prepaid numbers.


you guys keep interested in online recharge, airtel self recharge, bill payment, electricity bill payment, and money transfer to a bank account.

then you can to create a new portal airtel payment bank account, and to use these all services on your mobile phone without any problems.

because this service is the best for an online user and non-users. because we can save too much time from this service. I recommended you guys, try with this once (new account)

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