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How to Enable Hotspot App on Jio Phone | OmniSD Online ( 2021)



Enable Hotspot App for Jio Phone

Hi guys! welcome all of you guys once again to this post, today’s post going to too interesting for Jio phone users because, in today’s post, we will be talking about the hotspot App for Jio phones.

As you guys might know about the Jio phone because Jio does not provide Jio hotspot services his all Jio phone users. due to this, Jio phone users have to do wast a lot of internet data.

I mean to say, we can not do end the complete internet data of Jio phone. it’s an elder problem with Jio’s phone.

if you want to know about how to Enable hotspot in your Jio phone, and you want to take complete fun with your Jio phone’s internet data. So please stay with this complete post.

Because I will explain the complete information about this, how to how to enable hotspot App for Jio phone or you can do related to it some other process on your Jio phone

After this, you will able to do start a hotspot on your Jio phone, and you will take complete fun of your Jio phone’s internet data.

Would you like to know about these all information, so you can check out the below all paragraphs because this all paragraphs are related to it, how to start a hotspot icon in Jio? phone.

1.0.1 What is Jio hotspot?

A hotspot is an alternative to the internet data communication process in any type of mobiles or we can say to this process that A mobile gives an internet data communication link to another phone.

which through, we can run the internet on to another mobile or Jio phone. before enabling this service. the should be available hotspot service on your mobile phone.

If you don’t have a hotspot option on your mobile phone, So you aren’t able to run a hotspot on your mobile phone.

In the way Jio phones do not have the option of a Hotspot. but we can do enable a hotspot on the Jio phone. if you want to know how to enable a hotspot feature on the Jio phone. please follow all points below.

2.0.1 Download & install OmniSD file on Jio phone with PC?

Before knowing this process, you must have a laptop or computer, if you don’t have a laptop or computer. So you can take help with your friend’s computer.

If your friend does not even have a computer or laptop, so you can do ignore this process. because of this process only for PC. So you do not take any tension related to it.

Because I will tell you guys the second process, which through you can do download & install OmniSD file on your JIo phone. for this, you can check out the below Process.

For PC users:

We hope that you have a laptop or computer. then let’s go to know about how to download the OmniSD file on the JIo phone.

  1. For Model F90M:

2. For Model F120B:


3. For Model F300M:


4. Foe Modle F30C:


I hope that you all guys have done these all files download on your laptop or computer. now we will need Winrar software to make Zip file’s into the Unzip file.

Download Winrar software:

It’s very important software to convert any Zip file’s into an Unzip file. it must be on my computer. if you do any work online. so it will be on your computer. if you don’t have WinRAR software on your laptop.


how to compress any Zip to Unzip the file:

We hope that you all guys have done Winrar software on your laptop. now we know, how to Jio zip file to convert in unzip the file. because without it, we can’t Jio OmniSD file install on the JIo phone. So let’s go know how to Extract any file into Unzip.

Zip file to convert into Unzip:

First of all you find to your OmniSD file for Jio phone into yuor laptop. move curson on your Jio OmniSD file, and right click on your mouse. you will see a option list.

and you will get an option of the Extract here, on which you click. likewise, you will be see a little bit progress bar. and your Zip file will be Unzip. check out the below image.

how to enable hotspot App for Jio phone

3.0.1 how to install OmniSD file into the Jio phone?

So guys are you ready to install OmniSD file’s on your Jio phone. I also. so let’s go to the next point or paragraph.


when we do extract zip file’s into Unzip files. then you will receive two files.

  1. LYF omniSD file.
  2. Driver.

So first of all, we will do install a driver on the PC. for this, you will to do double-click on the Driver file. in this way, you can do install a driver file on your laptop.

now comes the LYF omniSD file. knew about the OmniSD file how to install it on your JIo phone. it processes it’s very simple.

Install omniSD file on Jio phone:

Click on the Compress OmniSD file. you will get three folders in this OmniSD file.

  • file.
  • Qfil.

but we will ignore two folders, only leaving one Qfil folder. because you will get all the working files on the Qfil.

So click the Qfil. the Entire file will open in front of you. in this file you will get a lot of options, but you to find the Qfile.exe option on that file.

when you get this option. so after this, you will double click the Qfil.exe option. on doing such, will be open a new file onto your front.

which will look something like this to you. so you can check out the below image related to it.

how to enable hotspot App for Jio phone

Connect Jio phone to PC or laptop:

First of all, take a DATA cable, and then restart your Pc or laptop. insert data cable into the USB port of your PC. now we will connect the Jio phone to the data cable.

most before, switch off your Jio phone. and then press holds the *and # button of your Jio phone and insert the cable plug to your JIo phone.

now your Jio phone has done connected to your PC. check the image.

how to connect Jio phone to your PC

how to install OmniSD file into JIo phone:

We hope that you are all guys who have done connected your Jio phone to your PC or computer. but now we will learn about how to install the OmniSD file in your JIo phone.

as soon as, you will be open the Qfil OPTION on your PC. it will look something like this to you.

how to check and download OmniSD file.

in which you will get two options.

  • Flat Build.
  • Meta Buil.

but we will select the Flat Build option. and then you will get a Browser option on the right side. Click the browser option, and find the OmniSD file on your Pc folder.

And then, select the OmniSD file. after this, you will get a LOAD XML option just below. on which click and select Load XML file.

just right below, you will see a DOWNLOAD button, on which click, and wait for a few seconds. the OmniSD file has been done successfully install on your Jio phone.

now extract the battery to your Jio phone. and insert the battery in the Jio phone, and press the power button. your Jio phone will Start.

Now we will be talking about how to enable a hotspot App for Jio phone. so for this, you can check out the below paragraphs.

4.0.1 how to install OmniSD file into JIo phone without PC or laptop?

5.0.1 how to install hotspot feature in jio phone?

Restart your Jio phone, and find the OmniSD option on your phone, and click on the OmniSD file.GHOTSPOT file will automatically install in your JIO phone.

check and click on the OmniSD & JGHotspot app.

Now you will to do click on the JGHotspot file. likewise will be open a new file our front. in which you will get hotspot sender name and security password.

below watch video.

My little a bit opinion for hotspot App for Jio phone?

if you don’t know how to enable the hotspot App for the Jio phone, and you want to know how to run the hotspot on the Jio phone.

So I have told you the complete information in this post. then you can read one by one all paragraphs related to it.

You will definitely Enable the Hotspot feature on your Jio phone. and then you will able to use internet data according to the hotspot.

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