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PayPal Account Create in India & Verify Personal Bank Account-Q



Hi there! Welcome to this post all of you guys once again. because today’s post is to happen very interesting for a Freelancer because we will be talking about how we can Paypal account create in India.

If you’re a freelancer or you do any online works for any client. only with this, you want to send and receive money from any clients. So hence the best way PayPal account for you.

The PayPal account is the best way to receive money and send money on the international level. Suppose that do you know about one or a lot of skills.

And you want to sell your skills to an entire world client. and you want to earn too much money from any client. it’s a good talk.

Suppose that you have worked for any client. while that customer is an abroad country. then what will do you do. because he can’t send money directly to your bank account.

because to send money to your PayPal account. he will ask you about your PayPal email ID. but you will not have a PayPal email id at that time.

So how will you take money from that client? before doing any freelancing work through any medium, you must have a Paypal account to receive money from abroad client.

if you don’t have a Paypal account, and you want to know how we can PayPal account create in India. So please stay with this complete post, because in this complete post.

I will tell you guys how to create a new PayPal account in India. that too with all steps, and we also will able to know how to verify a bank account on the PayPal account.

Easily Verify Bank Account

1.0.1 What is PayPal Account Service?

Paypal account service is the best medium to receive and send money from any abroad client. because PayPal does provide both ways to receive money and send money.

Paypal service launched in India on 8 November 2017, which we use for domestic and international money transfer.

in today’s time, we can use PayPal services in at least 200 countries. it’s mean’s. we can do business with at least 200 countries. if you have also a passion for work with these all countries.

And you have the power to earn a lot of money, and you want to complete your dreams. So you read the complete information related to how we can a new PayPal account create in India.

Benefits of a PayPal account?

  • You can create and send invoices directly to your client. (Redmore)
  • You can send mass payments using PayPal.
  • You will be able to make online payments without exposing your credit card details.
  • You can use your debit card to make payment. This helps many people who don’t have a credit card.
  • You can receive payment from overseas accounts. (Such as clients or advertising payments.
  • Many online services charge recurring payments. When you pay with PayPal, you can cancel the recurring payments at anytime.

2.0.1 How we can Paypal Account create India?

Are you really excited to know about this how to open a new PayPal account on to any devices? if you guys reading our post Till here. so it’s mean’s, you’re excited to know how we can a new PayPal account in India.

Yes, guys, we can make definitely a PayPal account in India. Those too easy steps, would you like to know about those all steps.

So you can check out, maybe you can read to all paragraphs below. because I will mention in those all paragraphs the complete information related to how to open a PayPal account.

Requirement Things:

Really it’s very valuable information for you guys. because without this information we can’t make a new Paypal account.

As fo as you guys might know about this, before doing any works. I should have some things to do that work. likewise. Before opening a PayPal account, we should have some things to create a new account.

So I am going to mention those all things, just below. So check now.

  • Current information to your Address.
  • Email ID.
  • pan card.
  • A Bank account number.
  • Bank Debit/credit card.

before creating a PayPal account, you must have these all things. burn you will going stay from to create an account.

3.0.1 How to create paypal business Account in india?

First process (1):

So let’s move to the official website of PayPal. As soon as you will be going to its official website. its dashboard will look something like this. so you can check out the below image.

paypal account create india

where you will get two options to create an account. as that,

  1. individual account.
  2. business account.

but we will select the business account option because we want to receive & send money from the overall world. if you’re want to do freelancing work with any medium. So for you the best option the Business account.

and then you will see the next button below. on which you will click. will be open a new page on our front, in which you will get three selecting queries. boxes. whose who we will select one by one.

So let’s go to know, which box from, what to do select.

First box: (By doing work and accept payment)

you can select any queries from the first box, will not be any problem selecting any options from this box. because you can do all works. but I will recommend you for this option( Via email, invoicing, or link)

Second Box: (My monthly income value)

from this box, you can select the My income monthly value is less than INR 5 lacs. ( less than INR 5 lacs)

Third box: (my payment preference is)

You can select the third query because we going to do freelancing works. So we will get clients from India as well as from outside. hence we can select the (Both INR and Foreign currency) option.

paypal account create india

Second process:

After selecting all boxes, you will get the NEXT BUTTON below to this page. on which you click. as soon as you will click on this button. will be open again a new page, which will ask you regarding your Email ID.

So please provide your correct Email ID. if you don’t’ have a new Gmail ID. So before you create a new Gmail ID, so for this you can take help to Youtube videos.

We hope that you have done a new email ID, so let’s go to the next point. put your correct Gmail ID and then click the NEXT BUTTON. and then insert your PASSWORD and click the SUBMIT option.

will be open again a popup window. in which you will be asked about your business type. I mean to say, that you’re an individual or you have a team.

whatever your business is. according to this, you select a point. but you’re a single person. so you can select the Individual option.

Will be open again a new page, in which will be filling some information. So we will fill the information.

Describe your business:

First box: ( individual).

Second box: ( whatever you want to sell your skill. that according to the keyword, you select the keyword.

Third box: ( purpose code -P0104).

Fourth box: ( in this box, you put your PAN NUMBER)

Fifth box: (insert your name or company name. this name will show in your statement. when you will send a voice link to any person)

sixth box: ( According to this box, you can provide your Website link Address (URL). you don’t have a site, then you can leave this option blank).

After filling in all information, you check out these all information in boxes once again. when you like all the information right. and then you click the SUBMIT button below.

How We Can PayPal Account Create India

Third process:

As soon as you will click the SUBMIT button. will be open again on a new page. the tell us about your business. So please put your correct details one by one.


Please Attention. should be these all information at correct. if you give any wrong detail to here. then you can do face someone’s problems. in the next time.


Business Owner Contact Information:

(1)- First name:

Insert your correct name, according to your PAN CARD. I mean to say, whatever your name is in your pan card.

(2)- if you’re any middle name, so put in this box. if you don’t have any middle name. so you leave this option.

(3)- Insert your last or sir name here.

(4)- select your date of birth, whatever.

Primary Contact Address:

(5)- Please provide your correct living address. and then Select your STATE. in which state do you live?

Business information:

(6)- Insert your correct mobile number.

(7)- you can select (Indian rupees) according to this option.

After filling in all information, you will click the AGREE OR CONTINUE button. you have done successfully created a PayPal account in India.

Now our PayPal account has been completely created. but now we will set up the PayPal account.

How We Can PayPal Account Create India

4.0.1 How to set up a business PayPal Account in India?

Friends, as soon as you will click the Agree & continue button. likewise, will be open a page something like this, where you will get a lot of options to set up your business PayPal account.

How We Can PayPal Account Create India

but we will set up these all options one by one. so let’s go know how to set up a PayPal business account with all options.

First option Email:

Now we will click on the Email option. will be open a popup page, in which you get a GO TO Gmail option on that page. on which click.

then you will be redirected to your Gmail account, where you will get an email from the PayPal team. on which to click and verify your email address.

Connect your bank account with PayPal:

So for this, you click the Bank option. likewise, will be open a new page. in which, you will be asked about your bank detail.

So please provide the correct information about your bank details. On this page, you will get some blank options. those who we will fill one by one.

IFSC Code.

According to this heading, you will get two options.


(1)– Insert your Bank IFSC code in this box. where you will get the Bank IFSC code. if you don’t know you will get where bank IFSC code.

So for this, you can check your bank passbook. where you will get the Bank IFSC code. appear will something like this. ( FISC- SBI002528).

(2)- According to this box, you put your correct bank Account Number.

and then, we will click the LINK ACCOUNT option below. likewise will be open again a new page. in which you will receive a message.

you will be asked you that request deposit to confirm your bank account. it means is. The PayPal team sends some deposits (money) to your bank account to verify your bank account.

you will be received this amount in two small transactions.

you will get a Request Deposit option on that page below. on which you will to do click. it will take at least three days to verify your bank account. then you wait for three days. this can happen even earlier. takes at least 3 days to complete this process.

5.0.1 How to confirm a Bank account on a PayPal account?

As you guys might know this. Unless our bank account does not verify from a PayPal account. till then, we can’t receive money from any abroad client.

So it’s a very strong part to receive money to your PayPal account. without it, we can’t receive any amount in the bank account.

If you want to completely verify your bank account on the PayPal account. So you can read our next post. because in this post, I have covered all those points.

Through this, we can easily verify the bank account with a PayPal account. ( how to confirm a bank account on a PayPal account.)

In my opinion, how can a Paypal account create in India?

If you’re a blogger or freelancer, and you want to earn too much money from foreign countries. then you must have a PayPal account to receive money to your bank account from foreign clients.

because PayPal such a best way to receive money to your personal bank account from outside countries.

By the way, a lot of ways available to receive money to the bank account from abroad countries. but PayPal is the best way.

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