Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu – E105 – Latest Episod (2021)

Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu - E105 - Latest Episod

Hi there! once again welcome to this post all of you guys. because in this post, we will talk about the Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu.

Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu is the best tv serial in the Tamil and Telugu languages. if you want to like to watch any Tamil and Telugu tv serials on your devices.

And you don’t complete information about the Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu. you want to know the complete information about the Serial Mogalirekulu.

So you stay with this complete post, because in this post. I will tell you guys regarding the Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu.

in which, you guys will able to know about such three youngsters. which are orphans. what causes their, to be orphans. How are they different from each other, and how do get in the last? names of them orphans are,

  • Dharma.
  • Satya.
  • Daya.
  • And their small sister Shanti.

if you want to know about all this, So you can read the complete post. because this complete post mentioned Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu.

So you guys check out the below’s all paragraph, which is all paragraph related to Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu. ( check out right now)

1.0.1 What is Mana Telugu Mogalirekulu Serial?

Mogalirekulu is an Indian Telugu language soap opera that originally premiered on 18 February 2008 on Gemini TV. And it expired on 24 May 2013.

Due to continuing for serial, after some years it has been telecast again on the Gemini Tv from 16 May 2016 to 9 April 2020.

Mogalirekulu serial directed by Manjula Naidu and written by Bindu Naidu. it is one of Telugu’s longest-running years of highly popular serial on Gemini Tv.

After this Chakravakam Tv serials, the show runs for five years and the lead roles of these serials are Sagar, Sheela, Rajni, and Mehdi.

2.0.1 Story of the Mana Telugu Serial Mogalirekulu?

We will be talking through this heading according, to all paragraphs below. in which I’ll tell you guys about the story from start to finish. it’s the story very interesting.

because this story is about three orphaned children, so I recommend for you guys read the complete story.

Start the story of Mogalirekulu with some characters:

Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu

the story begins with the three youngster boys Dharma, Satya, Daya, and their small sister Shanti, they are all small ages.

which are the prey of the family fight, where their parents and grandmother are Murdered by their step-grandmother and uncles?

In this way, these fours get orphans. they are joined with their neighbor’s kid kirtan. Kirtan is a boy of their neighbor’s aunt.

They are all meet do too much love each other, and in this way, they are also played many types of games together. Together these all boys a very happy.

Suddenly come to a new twist in the story, and three brothers and kirtan go away to Hyderabad to stay, and their small sister Shanti stays with their step-grandmother and uncle.

3.0.1 Hero ACP RK Naidu:

Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu

Hero ACP RK Naidu is a strict, dynamic, and Responsive IPS officer. who does marries Shanti after saving from her uncle and granny?

After this, Dharm meets Selva Swamy, Which is wrapped in illegal activities. who brings the enmity between Selva and RK Naidu.

4.0.1 Doubt clear part of the RK Naidu?

when it is known walks that Dharma is Shanti’s elder brother. this way, RK Naidu around gets many Misunderstandings, and it seems that is a good men Dharma they are want to do help of Dharma.

he doing help with his Activities your friends Selva. and does start to see them. in this way, Rk successfully puts the culprits of Shanti’s parents behind the bars as promoted to Dharma.

A love triangle starts among Dharma, Keerthan, and Selva.

The Second Part:

the serial into the second generation, which is a hero Munna, which is a son of the RK Naidu, Munna also is an orphan because before some time gets death of Rk Naidu in a bomb blast.

After this, Munna gets an orphan, there happens a strong Bilan name Sikander. which brings Munna’s in Criminal.

Due to some talks, Munna and Asher get into the Argument and fight. but Munna and Devi become friends and her Marriage with Ashwer closed.

before one day of marriage, Devi says to her parents regarding his Fillings which happens with related to Munna. –Read the next paragraph–?

Marriage of Munna and Devi:

Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu

In this way, by including all members of the family, let’s get married to Munna and Devi. Munna plots to Atteks DGP RK as a part of criminal life but decides not to because he’s a good nature and later comes to know that RK is his father.

Now Munna unable to face his father, hides his identity and changes his name’ ‘Mahender’, and starts a health center called to rural peoples and comes back to RK after Protecting RK from to bomb blast.

while he is away, Devi goes to say with RK’s family by hiding her identity saying that she needs protection till her husband Munna comes back.

Rk becomes to know that is Munna aka Mahender is our son Mahi.

End story:

Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu

The story ends, with two families of RK & Selva, The two families get together by marrying Selva’s sons Dharma and Sathya’s daughters and they also come to know that Dharma is alive.

6.0.1 Tital card of Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu?

if you guys want about the title card of Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu then you can check out the below list because this list is regarding the Title card of Mogalirekulu.

So let’s go now and check -out those all Activities,

(Names) (Details)
Created by Srikanth Entertainment
Directed by Manjula Naidu
written by Bindu Naidu
Starring Sagar. Sheela sing.Likitha Kamini.Karuna,Ravi Verma,Marketer,Shruti.
Theme music Bunty
Opening theme MogaliRekulu
Country origin (India.)
Language Telugu
Episodes 1368.
Producer Producer
Editor Raam.
Camera setup Baba
Running Time 15-20 minutes.
Original Network Gemini TV.
Original release 18 February 2008, 24 May 2013.
Preceded by Chakravakan (TV Serial)
Follow by Sravana Sameeraly.

7.0.1 Names of mana Telugu serials?

In this paragraph, I will give you guys the names list. through which you will can to know those Tv serials names which to broadcast by Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu if you’re really want to know about those serials names then you check below names list.

Are you want to know about those all serials so, therefore, you can follow the below Serials list. because in this list, I did mention these all serials which can help you guys.

so you can check once the below list,

((Serials names))
Kante Koothurne Kanali Telugu.
Siri Siri Muvvalu.
Abhishekam Daily Serial.
Mutyala Muggu.
Shambhavi Telugu Seria.
Nandini Telugu.
Mouna Raagam Serial.
Bharya Telugu.
Mogali Rekulu Serial online
Karthika Deepam Serial
Koilamma Daily Serial
Kalyana Vaibhogam Daily Serial
Maate Mantramu

Mana Telugu Tv serials?

Are you kept interested to watch and listen to any Tv serials in the Telugu Language then you can check out the below list?

because I told you about some Telugu serials, which you will get some serials related to Telugu and Tamil language.

((Telugu Serials))
Betala Vikramarka.
Akka Mogudu.
Jaya-Jaya Vinayaka Serial.
Shiridi Sai Telugu.
Gundamma Katha.
Naa Kodalu Bangaram.
Raktha Sambandam.
Kumkuma Puvvu.
Karthika Deepam Serial December.
Lakshmi Kalyanam.

Mana Telugu Serials?

Karthika Deepam.
Mudda Mandaram.
Nine Pelladatha.
Lahiri Lahiri Lahiri.
Bava Maradallu.
Naagini 3 Daily Serial.
Ganga Manga.

8.0.1 Names of prime Actors of Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu?

As you guys might know about those peoples, which do Partispack to make any serials and movie. because without those actors we can’t make any serials and shows.

Serial is seen in all people but to know about the Actoress it’s a different talk. so by taking off this topic, I write some Actores names in this below list.

which you can check out, it is they all Actoress who did take participate. so let’s go know regarding those,

((Acting)) ((Actors names))
Mahalakshmi Vijaya
Keerthana Medha.
Sikandar Bhai Mukhtar.
Sindhu Sireesha & Medha
RK Naidu Sagar.
Dharma Indraneel
Devi Likitha Kamini & Karuna Bhushan.
Shiva Vijay Bhargav.
Durga Ravi Krishna Thota
Shankar Madhusudhan Rao.
Shankar Madhusudhan
Selva Swamy Selva raj & Ravi Varma.
Munna/Mahidhar Naidu Sagar.
Pallavi Sonia.
Shanti Sheela.
Muniamma Nagamani.
Gomathi Sruthi.
Mahidhar Harsha.
Eshwar Pavan sai.
Satya Vardhan Rajesh.
Anjali Anjali.
Ali Hari Krishna.
Daya Sagar Pavitranath.

Some channels names and their Performance:

(channels names) (Perfomance)
Airtel Digital Tv.? 126 (SD)
127 (HD
Big Tv. 210 (sd)
Dish Tv. 107 (SD),106 (HD)
Tata Sky. 134 (SD)
132 (HD)
Sun Direct. 320 (SD)
SKY ( UK& Ireland). 718 (SD)
Videocon D2H. 113 (HD)
Dish Network (USA). 701 (HD)
OSN (Middle East $ North Africa). 281 (SD)
Starsat 509 (SD),
Parabole Maurice 141 (HD)
Parabole Madagascar 141


in this post, we guys learned, about the Mana Telugu Serials Mogalirekulu, in which I told complete information regarding the Serials Mogalirekulu in one by one paragraph.

As much as I knew about this, with this, I told you guys some such about those parts which are related to it. in which, you will able to know its some other serials and some Actors name.

As you will know that these is serials of in the Telugu language if you come from the Telugu and Tamil language or then you’re living in such a place where to speak the Tamil and Telugu language.

then it’s the best tv serials for you because this serial is shown from begins, you have a Dish tv’s any modal then you have fun with this serial with your family.

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