Uppcl Online New user Registration-2021(Get FREE Information)

Uppcl Online New user Registration

Hi guys! Welcome to you guys again once in this new post. because in this, we will be talking about how to New user UPPCL Online Registration. because today’s time each people are a UPPCL user.

Hence all people have the right to make a user account on the UPPCL. if you have not UPPCL user account So please create a new account on the UPPCL (Uttar Pradesh power corporation LTD).

You can take the multiple information related to your bill of power connection. as that,

  • Monthly bill kist.
  • bill status.
  • Pay bill amount.
  • Online bill pay.
  • check account holder name. (etc)

We can check all information only by making one UP power corporation LTD account. which is the best for a UPPCL user.

After making this account we can able to receive monthly bill information on the mobile phone and on the email ID. and you can pay your Electricity bill payment online from at the home.

1.0.1- Why we create a new account on UPPCL?

if you want to receive monthly bill information on your mobile and email id, then you will create an account on Uttar Pradesh power corporation Ltd.

Because without it’s we can’t receive bill information on the mobile phone. So you must have a UPPCL account. if you have not any type of UPPCL account, so before that create a new account.

So you check the below paragraph related to it. in which you guys will know how to register on UPPCL online. so let’s go to the next paragraph.

Some Requirements for Registration on UPPCL.?

Before creating a user account, you must have some things. which will make it easier to create a UPPCL account. I will provide some things just below, which will help us to make a new account. So check out the below about those things. such as,

  • you must have a power connection.
  • and you must have a 12 digit account number.
  • a primary email ID.
  • And your personal mobile number.
  • Bill number.

And you should be the information about how to new registration on the Uttar Pradesh power corporation LTD.

related to it, I will give you guys the complete information, how to new user registration on UPPCL that too also, in some steps. if you have these all things, So you can do a new Registration on UPPCL to easily, and you to receive information on mobile as the inbox message related to your monthly report of your power connection.

are you excited to know how to new user registration on Uttar Pradesh power corporation ltd?. So you can receive all information related to it, in the below paragraph.

3.0.1- UPPCL new user Registration online in a rural area?

do you are living in a rural area and you have a UPPCL power connection. and you want to know the monthly bill report of your power connection. that too also on your mobile phone and email ID, as the Message format.

In this post, I will tell you guys complete information related to this query on how to do Uppcl Online Bill Payment Registration. really this information is the best for a rural area person.

because you will know about your power connection bill report each month. and then you will able to pay your power bill, in the right way. So let’s go to start and know how to New UPPCL user online registration.

Go to the main page of UPPCL:

Before doing registration on UPPCL, we to go to its official website. for this, you can go as manually. I mean to say. Reopen your android phone. and then click the google chrome icon.

After this, you will see a search box, and write UPPCL New User Registration on the search box. and then click the Research button. you will appear a lot of results related to this query.

But we will click on the first result. it was a manual process. you can do such. but you don’t want to do this process. So you can click here. ( UPPCL user Registration).

As soon as, you will click this anchor text, likewise. you will be done redirected to that page from here. where you will get a lot of blank options on that page. whom we will fill one by one all enter box.

It is a major point to know us, what we will fill in those boxes. Then you can check the below image related to it query how to New UPPCL user online registration.

Fill all box of the UPPCL:

As soon as you will go to the UPPCL registration page. where you will get many blank options. you can check the just above image.

Now we will fill all boxes one by one. so please to seen carefully these all boxes. now we will start filling these all boxes. So let’s go on the first box and know.

  • account number.
  • password.
  • confirm password.
  • Full name.
  • Mobile.
  • primary email.
  • secret question.
  • secret Answer.

UPPCL user registration

  • First box: Insert your account number, in this box. you will get your account number Where. for which you can check your bill payment receipt.
  • Second box: you can leave this box. let’s go to the next box.
  • Third box: the create you a strong password, can be your password length. minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 12 characters. But keep to Attention one talk, you have to create this password by combining alphabetic Numerical and special characters. such as TR$9886pn%.
  • Fourth box: Insert your confirmed password, in this box. In which you have created a new password, insert here that password.
  • Fifth box: IN this box, you can insert your Full name. but enter the same name here, which is on the electricity receipt.
  • Sixth box: Put your correct mobile number, in this box. because will do verify your mobile number. make sure, here enter the same number, on which you want to receive the message.
  • Seventh box: Accordingly, you can provide your primary email id, in this box. Attention to please does your email working.
  • Eighth box: Click on the box, and then select any question. and just below, you will get one option. in which you select your answer.

Click on the box, and then select any question. and just below, you will get one option. in which you select your answer. and then you will get two check-in boxes.

Do check-in both boxes. now you will see the captcha numbers and captcha enter box. now copay the captcha numbers and insert the captcha in the captcha box.

again you will get a terms & conditions check-in box on this page. check-in this box. and then, click on the Registration button below.

4.0.1- Complete registration on Uttar Pradesh power corporation LTD?

As soon as, you will click on the Registration button. will be open a new page our from. in which, will ask us about the OTP (one-time-password).

So please your OTP number in this box. where do you get an OTP number. it OTP number you will receive on your mobile phone. So please copy the OTP number and then paste it here.

And click the VALIDATE OPTION, as soon as, you will click on this button. and wait for a few seconds. and then you will receive one message on your mobile phone.
In which you will be told. your registration has been done successfully on the UPPCL.

So friend, from this way, we can do Registration on theUppcl Online Registration Rural. if you have any questions related to it So you can ask me through the comment system. I will sure that I give a reply to your query.

Summary of this post:

If you have a power connection and you also want to receive bill information on your mobile phone as the Message. and with this only, you want to know how to registration on UPPCL.

So you can read the complete process of this post because, in this post, I told’s about these all process. which through we can easily registration on UPPCL

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