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PayPal Accepted Sites in India – 2021 These all Web Page



paypal accepted sites in india

Hi guys! Welcome all of you guys once again to this post, because in this post, we will be talking about the PayPal Accepted Sites in India, if you’re an Indian, and you do online shopping with any E-commerce site or online store, and you want to know about those who the sites, on which you can do payment through PayPal account.

So you guys stay with this complete post. because we will know about such some sites, on which are accepted Paypal payment mode. if you do buy any product on those sites, so you will get voucher offers from there.

Which you will get able to Redeem, and you will earn some extra offers. As you guys might know regarding Paypal branded company.

In today’s time, Paypal is the best and famous company in this world. which performs international level money transfer with a lot of currencies.

he is not afforded with the normal companies of India. due to which, he is not doing work for a lot of India’s companies. he is doing work only with India’s branded companies.

So I will tell you guys according to this post regarding some such sites. where you can do payment through the PayPal account.

Are you excited to know about the PayPal Accepted Sites in India. so you can read the below all paragraphs.

1.0.1 What is a PayPal account?

PayPal is the best and, too much secure international online money transfer a way or we can say of this process a strong online money transfer Technic.

which through, we can do online transfer & receive money at home from any countries in this entire world. Paypal is the best online money transfer way, in today’s time.

I am sure that will each online workers have a PayPal account for money receive and send. because without it’s not possible to do any type of online business.

Suppose that you’re a freelancer or you do any online work for any abroad client or company. and you want to receive money to your bank account from a foreign company or client.

So for this, you must have a PayPal account, if you don’t have a PayPal account, so you don’t will get able to receive money to your bank account. We hope that you understood this process.

A New PayPal account:

right now, you recently started an online business or freelancing work, and you have not a PayPal account. and you want to create a new PayPal account from your mobile or laptop.

opening a new PayPal account, it’s a simple process. but it a bit tough to confirm a bank account with a PayPal account. so it’s a very important question how to confirm a bank account on Paypal account.

2.0.1 PayPal Payment Accepting Sites In India?

According to this heading, I will mention some such sites. who does accept the PayPal transfer mode? on which, we can do payment through the PayPal account.

with this only, we will get some coupon offers. those who we can do redeem at that time. but keep attention one talk always. these offers are for a limited time.

So let’s go to start and know about those all PayPal Accepted Sites in India, one by one. because this post is going to be very interesting.

#1 Gearbest:

paypal accepted sites in india

Gearbest is an e-commerce website or an online selling product store. where you will get able to a lot of products list, and you can check out all listed products on the Gearbest site.

And you liked any product on the Gearbest site, so you can buy immediately of that product through by PayPal account.

for Example:

Open the Google search browser application on your devices. and then you write Gearbest inside the search box and click on the front Research button.

Will be open a result page on our front, on which you will click the first result. and then you will be done redirect to the Gearbest site.

Now you will appear its interface, and product list. and with this, you will get a search option on that page above. from there, you can find other many products.

after this, you will click on any product, I mean to say. what product did you like? As soon as, you will click on that product, likewise, you will be done redirect to another page.

Buy now:

Where you will get two options,

  1. Add to cart.
  2. Buy Now.

and then you will click on the BUY NOW button, as soon as you will click this option. likewise, you will appear a PAYPAL option on that page.

which through, you will able to pay to that product. so you can see the below image related to this.

paypal accepted sites in india

#2 Banggood:

paypal accepted sites in india

Banggood is the best and famous site in this world to buy online any product. like amazon. here too, you can select any product and buy it, it’s a very simple method.

the way we buy on the Amazon site any product, the same process we can do here. if you want to buy any product from the Banggood site.

So, first of all, you will create a new account on the Banggood site. After this, we can select any things and buy simply through their PayPal account.

If you’re excited to buy any product from any Indians site, and you want to do payment for that product through their PayPal account. So you can go to this site. because it site, PayPal accepted site in India

#3 Pepperfry:

Pepperfry is the best & famous online selling furnishers product. here is accepted PayPal also as the payment mode. but here terms & conditions is to only buy furniture things. (

I mean to say, you don’t buy any other product from here, because it is the only furniture online selling website. so from here, you can buy only furniture things.

if someone is getting married in your home or relative, and you want to give any furniture things as the gift there that person. and you want to the payment through by PayPal mode for that furniture product.

i mean to say, Paypal accepted this site in India, So you can go with this site because this is the best choice for you. because this site, PayPal accepted sites in India.

3.0.1 Online Stores That Accept Paypal Payments In India?

#4Make my trip (MMT):

paypal accepted sites in india

MMT (make my trip) is the best traveling and hotel booking site. which you give facility to traveling and hotel booking on discount. where you can do the payment in various modes.

with this only, you can do the payment to MMT through your PayPal account. so it’s a very easy process.

As you guys might know about the MMT(make my trip), if you don’t know about this, So I want to tell you about the MMT a little bit.

As for as, I know about the make my trip. this is one such way. which through, we can do any hotel booking & traveling booking on a little discount.

apart from this also. it site gives us some also other offers, suppose that you’re want to ticket book for abroad traveling. and you booked a ticket for a foreign country.

suddenly your mind change, and now you want to cancel your ticket. then you will be to pay some charges. after this, you will be refunded your remaining balance.

but is not such with MMT. if you do any booking through the MMT. and by chance. you have to do cancel your booking. then you will get not to pay any external charge. and you will able to receive your complete money to your MMT account.


if you like to watch any movies and Shows by going to the theater. so you will know that before watching any movies and shows. we have to do a ticket book to watch that movie or show.

while BookMyShow is a film ticket booking site. on which you can do a ticket book for a movie and shows.

it site is give us some coupon offers on the book a ticket. which we can redeem to watch a movie at the theater.

then you have any choice related to watch a movie by going to the theater. so you can try once with this site. I am sure that will stay fun for your entertainment. is the best and a little bit famous for flight traveling ticket booking site. if you like to travel to the foreign. or you do any such works. due to which, you have to go abroad.

if you want to do a book ticket for a flight traveling, then you can go with the Yatra company. but I do not recommend this website.

Are you really want a ticket book for your flight travel. So I want to your guide. before doing any flight book ticket with any companies.

Take complete information about that company, which through, you want to do a flight book ticket. when you will thinking is everything good.

Then after, you can go with that site. otherwise, you can fall into any problems.

#7 PVR Cinemas:

PVR Cinemas is the best and famous cinema Holl in India. where you will able to watch new movies. but to watch a movie in it.

you must have a movie book ticket if you don’t have a movie book ticket. so you will don’t to watch a movie in the PVR Cinemas.

if you like to watch a movie to be in PVR Cinema. and you want to take fun as the movie at the PVR Cinemas. then you can go to on PVR Cinemas site.

and then, do A movie book ticket to watch a movie in the PVR Cinemas. there you will get a lot of facilities to watch movies.

Because PVR Cinemas is famous for luxury facilities because here you will get compared to other cinema too many facilities to enjoying the entertainment.

So you can go with PVR Cinemas definitely. maybe don’t available PVR Cinemas services near you, if you don’t have PVR Cinemas services available.

then you can ignore this paragraph because of this paragraph for those all entertainment user, those who have PVR Cinemas service available.

#8 is a famous site for bus traveling. where you can do a bus ticket book to travel. as you guys might know about this.

When we go to a foreign country. then we to do a ticket book, before at least 7-10-15 days to start our traveling. then we get one seat.

but do not have such with bus book ticket. still! we should do try with this site, before at least 3-4 days.

So that we can get a seat at that time. if you also make a plan to roam to another state. and you’re looking about such site. which can solve your problem.

So you can try once with this because it will give you a lot of services to solve your problem. by going to this site, you can check your seat is available or not at that time.

what time do you have to reach your seating? place, with this you can check, what is your traveling date. So for you it the best option.

#9 Dineout:

Are you an office worker, and you like to external eat. or you get forget to take a lunch box sometimes. and you go to your office. and you do hard work there in the office.

After doing work, you feel hungry very fast. but you don’t have food to eat. now, what do will you do. you have to eat food to eradicate hunger.

while you don’t have food, then you can do use the Dineout website. because the Dineout site is the best and famous site for restaurant, pub, reception, food and royal cafe.

we can immediately order for any reception choice, from there. and you can fill your stomach by paying less money.

you anytime stuck in this condition, So you can try once with the Dineout site.

4.0.1 My a little bit opinion for PayPal accepted sites in India?

if you have any type of requirement to buy online any product, or you want to do a ticket book for your traveling to a foreign country.

So you can try with these all traveling ticket booking site. because these all sites will make your travel compatible.

due to which, you will take able to fun your traveling, and you feel good travel. if you have any other problem, so you can check the services these all sites.

I am sure, you will get a solution to your problem, but today’s post is the main motto. which site is it in India, these are all sites, PayPal accepted sites in India.

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