All Services of the Portal Airtel Payment Bank – ( New Account)

Portal Airtel Payment Bank saving account

As you guys might know that Airtel is the most popular telecom communication network in this world, which comes the second number compare to other communication networks, while Airtel provides many digital services for his all customers which one of service is Portal Airtel payment bank account wallet, which is too much popular in present time, and it will stay in life.

You don’t know in deep about the airtel payment bank account, and you want to know regarding it, so please stay with this complete post. because I will explain in detail that what is the airtel payment bank account, and how we can make a new account on the airtel portal website.

Along with this, we will know that how we can use its all services as a digital. to it knows is very requirement for any airtel users. because unless we will know about that method, by then we can’t use that services. okay.

Then if you keep to interested to know portal airtel payment bank account and you want to become an airtel payment bank CSP agent and earn a commission.

So please follow our all attributes, because these all our attributes will make you a new airtel payment bank account holder.

Are you really want to become a new account holder, so read the below all contents. because you will get able to make definitely a new airtel money online wallet account. .so let’s go to start one by one its all attributes.

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0.1 what is Airtel Payment Bank?

Portal airtel payment bank is one type of online banking service, or we can say also of this service the online wallet.

whom we can use as the bank. A new account has to be created on the Airtel portal. One is Equivalent to a Mini Bank.

If you let’s make one account on the Portal Airtel payment bank. So you will are able to use a lot of services. such,

  • Open a new account.
  • Money transfer to another bank.
  • Mobile recharge.
  • GAS BIll payment.
  • Electricity bill payment.
  • Water bill.
  • Marchent Bill payment.
  • Earn Commission. (Etc)

You can get these all services benefits at home. Would you like to take all these services? So you can check all paragraphs related to it below. it was a small overview of the portal airtel payment bank.

But now we will know about its all features, that too one by one with complete details. are you ready to know regarding its all options?

So we guys let’s go to the next paragraph

0.2 Attributes of portal airtel payment bank account?

Airtel payment bank is a good online process, in today’s time. which gives us a lot of services for online shopping.

which through, we can take too many benefits at home, and with this, we can save very much time of your life, and we can use that time to learn anyone skills. or other work?

As you guys might know about time because time is a very important moment in our life. which we should not be lost such.

So leave this talk here, now let’s go to know about its all features. when you will make an account with this, then you will get too many options to control this Portal Airtel payment bank. such as,

0.3 Frequently used services:

We can use these all features through the Airtel payment bank. So you check all services just below,

  • Money transfer.
  • cash withdrawal.
  • Commission.
  • Transaction History.
  • My Ledger history.
  • Pay bill.
  • Recharge.
  • Cash Drop.
  • My offers.
  • My training.
  • cash Deposit.
  • Aadhar Anable Payment System.
  • VBO Support.

You will get these all options to your dashboard of the Airtel payment bank account. those who we will able to use one by one for other services.

we took know about the names of its features, but now we will talk about its all features in detail. are you guys ready to run with me to know about its Many features in detail?

So let’s go to meet in the next paragraph, first of all, we take the first feature the Money transfer.

  • Money Transfer: Money transfer is the best option to sent money to another domestic bank account in this dashboard. we can do a money transfer to his all customer bank account with easy process. with this, we can earn some money with transaction commission. all you guys too want to earn money with the Portal airtel payment bank. So don’t lose time, and go to on airtel payment bank site and then create a new account. and make money.
  • Cash withdrawal: we will able to withdraw some cash withdrawals according to terms & conditions for all customers through this option. but this process only for Airtel payment bank account holders. I mean to say that you’re a non-airtel bank account holder. So you’re don’t able to withdraw any money from the Portal airtel payment bank.
  • Commission: You will able to check out your benefit through this feature. As you guys might know about the benefits because each person remains excited to know her per day commission. he wants to know about his today’s commission how much he earned commission today. So you can check out his per-day benefit through this option. and in this way, you can do improve your commission.
  • Transaction History: How much too good word the transaction History. we get going to know by reading this what will we get in it. we hope that you understood that what do I want to say. It’s very simple, I mean to say that we can see our all transaction history through this button.
  • My Ledger history: If you want to know about the loss and profit of your business. So you can take help with this option. According to this option, we will do to check all Ledger history. which we will able to know about the loss and benefits. that your business going to profit or lose. seeing all this situation, you can do improvements to your business.
  • Pay Bill: It’s the best option included in the dashboard of the portal airtel payment bank. which through we will able to do all bill payment by of this option from at home. such as,
  • Electricity bill payment.
  • GAS bill payment.
  • Water bill payment.
  • DTH recharge bill.
  • Marchant bill pay. (Ect.) You use any of these services, and you want to bill payment for any services. So you can do it here.
  • Recharge: You’re an internet user, and you use the internet on your mobile phone. suddenly your mobile phone DATA plan ends. and then, you want to do Airtel DATA plan Recharge to your mobile phone. So you can do Data plan recharge through this feature. with this, you will do able to Airtel or non-airtel data plan recharge to another mobile phone.
  • Cash Drop: According to this option, we can do a cash drop for any company. accept, that you are an account holder of any company. And you are run any type of service of that company, for which, you want to do some payment for that company. So you can do it through this option and you make money.
  • My offers: And you are a Portal airtel payment bank account holder. and you want to know about its all offers, So you can click the MY OFFERS feature. you will able to know about all offers, with this you will able to know about your services commission. which you will know how much you will get know commission to services. it’s the best process is to know about services commissions.

0.4 My Training?

My Training through this option you will able to learn its all services. Suppose that you are a new account holder of the Airtel payment bank.

And you don’t know how to use all services to the Portal airtel payment bank. So you can use this option.

  • Cash Deposit: Suppose that you are an Agent of the Portel airtel payment bank. and then you have opened some new airtel payment account your area’s some people’s. now they are all airtel payment account holder want to Deposit some amount in the Airtel payment bank account. So you can do complete this process by cash Deposit option.
  • Aadhar Anable Payment System: According to this feature, we will able to do Amount withdrawal through the Aadhar Anable Payment System of any airtel payment account holder.
  • VBO Support: Sometimes happens such that we do any transaction or mobile recharge. then gets stuck our amount. we get a little serious in this way. And we don’t understand, what do we do. if it conditions also with you. So you can do try this option.

0.5 How to register on the portal airtel payment bank saving account?

Before opening an airtel payment bank account, I want to tell you that are you sure about it. and know that why you want to make a new airtel money account.

what your profit this account, why you opening this account, are you have requirement its. by opening this account you will increase your value.

when these all arguments set fulfilled, now you are ready to open a new airtel payment bank account. so let’s go to start and know how to open a new account with all blueprints.

First Step (1):

Before opening a new airtel payment bank saving account you must have some requirements things. if you do not have these things, so you will do not make a new account. such as,

  • Fingerprint devise.
  • Android phone.
  • Information.
  • Airtel Mitra app.

I thnik that you will have available these all things, now let’s go to the next point, I mean to say that Install Airtel Mitra app on your mobile device.

which for, you can go to on play store of your mobile phone, and then click play store icon. if you do not want to do it,( Install Airtel Mitra app)


The second step(2):

now open the Airtel Mitra app on your smartphone. it will appear you its interface something like this, and you will get one option of the Login via Airtel payment bank on that page. so please check the below image.//

Airtel mitra app login


Just simply click on the Login via airtel payment bank. as soon as you will click this option, likewise will open a new page, and you will get two options on that page.

  • Login.
  • Be an Agent.

But we will click on the LOGIN button.

portel airtel payment bank login page

will be open again a new page, in which, will ask you about your LAPU NUMBER and PASSWORD. so please provide you correct information. and then click the LOGIN button below.

Again will be open a new page related to the portal airtel payment bank saving account. in which you will get a lot of options to do control Airtel payment account. but we want to open a new account, so please click on the OPEN BANK ACCOUNT option.

open a new airtel payment account

And Checkin the YES option, if you’re staying in India. and inserted airtel or non-airtel mobile number in just below box, and then click SEND OTP button.

Now you will receive an OTP number on your mobile number, so please insert the OTP number and verified, and click SUBMIT button. and select the option of the Aadhar number and then click the PROCESS option below.

The third step:

Again will open a new page and checkmark on the first box, and insert the Aadhar number in the below box. and put your PAN CARD NUMBER, and connect the fingerprint device from your mobile phone. and just verify the customer’s finger.

Now will be open your profile page, in which you will get all information related to you. if matched the same Address so, please checkmark, and don’t match address, so unchecked mark, and inserted correct address.

And click on the Next button. again will open a new page of the type of account open you. in which you will select one type of account. but I recommend that you will be select the NORMAL SAVING ACCOUNT. and click on the Process button.

normal seaving account


again will open a new page, which will ask you that how much money do you want to open an airtel payment bank account with. so please select an exciting amount and check in on the Account opening declaration. to the check-in of the consent for sweep out account. and click the NEXT BUTTON.

Now will open a new page, and you will get a PROCESS button on that page, on which you will simply click. again will open a new customer detail page.

so, please check all detail related to your documents, and click on the Next button. now will click on the verify retailer authenticate option.

Fourth step:

Again will open a new page of the Retailer Mpin page, so please insert your personal Mpin number, and then click on the SUBMIT button. again will open a new page of the CUSTOMER E-SIGN and which will to do a checkmark.

And just verify the customer’s finger, and then click on the REGISTER FOR SAVING ACCOUNT. now will open a new page of the DBT page. but you select the NO option and click on the SUBMIT button below.

as soon as you will submit the button, likewise will open successfully your Portal airtel payment bank account, so please check the below image related to it.

how to oepen a new airtel payment bank account


If you are living at this time in the village, and you have any type of shop, and you want to earn some money at home. So you can go with this portal airtel payment bank services.

because it gives us a lot of services to use online, which I have mentioned in the above paragraph. which you guys can read.

with this, I have told it also, how to open a new Airtel payment bank saving account. if you don’t have an Airtel bank account, and you want to make an Airtel payment bank account.

So you can do it.

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