Top 10 Indian TV Channels | High TRP HD Channels – (2021)

Top 10 Indian TV Channels

Hi guys! Welcome to this complete post all of you guys once again. because I will tell you guys in this complete post about such Top 10 Indian Tv Channels.

which are most famous in India, As you guys might know about the entertainment that entertainment is the best part and moment in our lives.

which we can not leave in life. but make entertainment a habit it’s a wrong talk. By doing this, it’s fall the bad effect on our life. So not make a habit of entertainment in life.

watching or listening to entertainment, it’s only a process to less stress to your mind. hence do use any tv serial only for entertainment.

Or you are doing any works online and after some time your mind does not properly work. And you want to refresh your mind’s this condition.

So you can go with any Tv serials or we can say that go with entertainment. what you like to see, you can see that Tv serial, and the movie on your devices.

And you will are able to refresh your mind. in this way, you will able to do again that your work. that too with activity. it was a brief summary related to this query.

if you are excited to know about the Top 10 Indian Tv Channels, So you can read the below all paragraphs, because there all paragraphs related to this.

1.0.1 Top 10 Tv channels in India 2021?

  • colores Rishtey.
  • Sony Pal.
  • Dangal (दंगल ).
  • Zee Anmol.
  • Zee tv.
  • Sony Entertainment.
  • Colors (Viacom).
  • Star Utsab.
  • Sony Sab.
  • Star plus.

it is these some top 10 India tv channels, whose I will explain one by one. whom you guys can check out the below in all paragraphs. so let’s go to start and know about these all Top 10 Indian Tv Channels.

2.0.1 Top 10 Indian Tv Channels and Televisions?

It is a habit of peoples watching Hindi movies, Tv series, Tv serials, and devotional movies on your Dish Tv. it is couldn’t be changed.

I don’t think, that will happen to any such persons in this world who do not watch movies. I seem, everyone peoples of this world watches movies on their own devices because it’s natural.

Forasmuch Entertainment is such a process that it can control the human mind. I mean to say, that you’re doing hard work on your office or farm and your mind happens stress then what will do you.

OR then you will watch movies or a walk to do refresh your mind. from this, will happen your mind refreshes for some time, and you will again able to do your work.

then we guys did too much talking about the entertainment, but just now run on the main points and know about Top 10 Indian Tv Channels. but first of all, we guys will be talking about ‘Colors Rishtey’ tv channels.

Colors Rishtey:


Colors Rishtey is an Indian dish Tv channel that is broadcast by Colors TV. do you guys know?. which one is the best program for the colors tv. the Rishtey program is the most viewed program in India.
whose TRP is 199,

which was launched on 3 September 2012 in (UK), then next time, 12 Murch 2014 in (India), and his owned by Viacom 18, Picture format 16:9 (576i, SDTV).

Audience share 6,49,114 (July 2020, BARC India)
Slogan Sapnon Se Sajay (2012-2017), Yeh Hai Rishtey (2012-2017), Country India, Headquarters Mumbai, India, Formerly called Rishtey.



(Colors) (Rishtey)
Airtel Digitel Tv 122 (SD)
Tata sky. 129 (sd)
Dish tv. 2325 (SD)
d2h TV 157 (SD)

Sony Pal:


Sony pal too is an Indian free television channel, which was launched on 1 September 2014. the channel is owned by sony pictures Network. headquarter is in Mumbai and the country India.

this channel also has some sub-channels, such as,

  • Sony TV
  • Sony Max
  • Sony Max 2
  • Sony SAB
  • Sony SAB Tamil
  • Sony Six
  • Sony Aath
  • Sony BBC Earth
  • Sony Pix
  • Sony Ten
  • Sony Wah
  • Sony Yay
  • Sony Marathi

the language of this channel is Hindi, now focused on family-oriented programming, and you liked to watch any Tv serials or movies with your family group.

then I recommend you guys you can go with this channel because of this channel too much-liked peoples in India. whose TRP is 224.

TRP:- 224!

Airtel DTH 132
Tata Sky. 174
Dish Tv 2422
d2h tv 37
Reliance digital tv 214
Sun Direct 313
DD free Dish 37

Dangal (दंगल):


Dangal channel is an Indian Hindi channel, whose allover India peoples watched too much love. with this only, it is a general TV channel, I mean to say. you can watch on this channel the multiple categories tv serials one by one. such as,

  • Such as,
  • Crime Alert.
  • Bhoomi Par Bhagwan.
  • Fighter Khiladi
  • Ram Ratan Dhan Payo.
  • Mahima Shani Dev Ki.
  • Ramayan.
  • Jyoti.
  • Do Hanson Ka Jodha.
  • Rakt Sambandh.
  • Pyaar Ki Luka Chuppi.

Dangal channel was launched in 2009 I mean 11 years ago. and channel owned by Enterr10 Television, Slogan Kuchh Toh Baat Hai Ek Dam Naya, Country India, Language Hindi, Headquarters Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

its some sister channels,

  • Bhojpuri Cinema.
  • Fakt Marathi.
  • Enterr10 Bangla.

TRP:- 231.

DD fresh Dish. 29.
Dish tv 127.
d2h 106.
Tata Sky. 177.
Airtel Digital Tv 133.

3.0.1 Top 10 Indian tv news Channels?

As you guys might know about the Top 10 Hindi news Indian Tv Channels, happens these types of all channels best channels in our life.

therefore due to these channels, we knowable about the news of the entire world on at the home so is the best India’s Hindi news channels.

you guys can know too much related to its topic below, then you guys read about all channels just below.

Zee Anmol:

Zee Anmol is an Indian tv channel that is a free-air channel. if you want to fun with it this channel. As that,

  • movies.
  • tv serial.
  • news channels.
  • video songs.
  • devotional movies.
  • Devotional songs. (etc.)

these all categories available on Zee Anmol channels, which we can watch one by one on our dish tv connection.

It’s two versions available on Zee Anmol satellite networks paid and free. if you want to use a paid version. then for this, you will do pay some money each month to run this channel on your dish connection.

with this version, you can use some top and super unlimited programs on your satellite connection.

but if you want to use its free version, then you can only use some limited programs on your satellite connection. but it is version enough for us.

TRP:- 260

HD channels list channels numbers list
Baby TV HD 982
&FLIX HD 551
& Picture HD 304
& TV HD 108
CNBC Prime HD 754
Colors Bangla HD 1410

Zee TV:

Zee Anmol

Zee tv is a Hindi language simple entertainment channel, who is owned by the Assel group in India, it is associated with many other channels which provide services Hindi & English programs and several regional languages in India.

with this, and its sister channels are operated by Zee Entertainment, enterprise. Zee tv was launched on 2 October 1992 by Zee telefilms.

after some time, it has been changed its name entertainment enterprise. the channel was the first Hindi language subscription channel.

it is launched the channel 2 October 1992; 27 years ago, Owned of this channel Essel Group, Picture format 1080i HDTV, Audience share 4,69,203 (July 2020, BARC India), Slogan Yeh Hai Zee TV (1992-2005). Country India, Language Hindi, Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

TRP:- 265.

Airtel Digital tv 108
Tata sky 143
Dish Tv 118
Videocon d2h 103
Reliance Digital tv 209
Sun Direct 308

Sony Entertainment:

sony intertainment

Sony Entertainment Television is the Hindi language’s pay television channel that was launched in October 1995 and is owned by Sony Pictures Network India.

if you want to use the Sony Entertainment channel on your dish connection then you will pay some money to its subscription because it is pay television, is not free.

you take its premium subscription, then you can watch the multiple Tv serials on your Satellite connection. such as,

  • CID.
  • Aahat.
  • Indian Idol.
  • Boogie Woogie.
  • Crime Patrol.
  • Beyhadh.
  • and Ek Deewaana Tha.

Launched 8 October 1995, Owned by Sony Pictures Networks India, Picture format 1080i HDTV, Audience share 3,44,856, Country India, Language Hindi, Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra.

TRP:- 287!

Airtel Digital tv 111
Tata sky 130
Dish Tv 105
Videocon d2h 109
Reliance Digital tv 207
Sun Direct 310

Colors (viacom18):

Viacom 18 is an Indian joint venture, whose operated did including some companies as a venture. it was launched in November 2007.

After some time, in January 2010, Viacom18 went international. after this, it is running, we guys can say of this channel, he is a joint venture of some companies.

Type of channel Joint venture
Industry Television, Founded in November 2007, Headquarters Mumbai, India, Key people Rahul Joshi (CEO).

Owners Network18 Group (51%), ViacomCBS Networks EMEAA (49%)
Subsidiaries Viacom18 US
Viacom18 Media Roptanol.

TRP:- 354!


Star Utsab is an Indian pay television channel, whose is main aim to do broadcast Hindi language programs on its own satellite networks, it was launched on 7 Jun 2004 as the free-to-air channel.

but after some time, on 16 august 2015, it has been changed as a channel. it is done channel distributed in the entire world by Star India.

again after some time, in July 2016 was launched as Star Utsab in the UK. however, has been closed due to its bad rating.

stare plus announced star plus Dophar it shows the old serials from the star network.

TRP:- 378!

Title card:

Launched 7 June 2004
Owned by Star India
Picture format 4:3576iSDTV
Country India
Broadcast area IndiaPakistanAustraliaHong KongCanadaMiddle EastUnited StatesPhilippinesMalaysiaSingaporeIndonesia
Headquarters Mumbai, India

4.0.1 Top 10 Hindi Entertainment Channels in India?

Dish TV Channel 2006
d2h Channel 156
Tata Sky Channel 171
Independent TV Channel 212
Sun Direct Channel 322
DD Free Dish Channel 33

Sony SAB:

sony sab is a pay-tv channel if you want to use this tv channel on your dish tv, then for this, you’ll to take a prime subscription, I mean. we will spend some money on the channel.

if you want really to make fun with this channel, but I don’t recommend you to purchase enrolment of the channel, if you can do Effort then you can pay for this.

Launched 23 April 2000, Owned by Sony Pictures Networks, Picture format 1080i HDTV, Audience share 6,78,865., Country India, Language Hindi, Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, Formerly called Sab TV. its some sister channels,

  • Sony BBC Earth
  • Sony Pix
  • Sony Ten
  • Sony Wah
  • Sony Pal
  • Sony Yay
  • Sony Marathi.
  • Sony Max.
  • Sony Max 2.
  • Sony SAB Tamil.
  • Sony Six.

TRP:- 461!

Airtel Digital tv 126
Tata sky 134
Dish Tv 107
Videocon d2h 113
Sun Direct 320

Star Plus:

Star plus is an Indian pay-tv channel and it’s owned by Star plus. if you want to use the channel on your satellite connection then you will pay some rupees to Star plus channel’s owner.

after this, you can use this channel on tv, this channel provided all channels services to their customers.

but all services are available in Hindi and English. if you are to know the English language then you can select the English and you want to select the Hindi language so you can select it very ease.

it was Launched 21 February 1992, Owned by Star India, Picture format 1080i HDTV, Country Hong Kong (1991-Now, As Asia Pacific Feed)
India (2000-present), Language English (1991-2000)
Hindi (2000-present), Broadcast area International (Except USA & Canada),
Headquarters Hong Kong (1991-present, As Asia Pacific Feed).

TRP:- 628!

Airtel Digital tv 105
Tata sky 177
Dish Tv 113
Videocon d2h 101
Reliance Digital tv 206
Sun Direct 306

it was some Top 10 Indian Tv Channels, I covered these all channels one by one. now you can do all channels manage one by one. so you can try any with channels.

The difference between the paid and free channels?

it is very interesting both process because is not too much difference in both processes. do use paid channels or you do use free channels, you will have to give in both conditions. if you want to know it then you can read the complete paragraph below.

Paid channels meaning:

suppose you bought a new dish connection by the nearest market, and you want to see paid channels programs on that new dish tv.
fo this, you will give some rent for some channels. after this only, we guys can watch any movies, tv serials, news. she also, without Ads.

Free channels meaning:

Do you guys know about free channels, Like that? you go to the market and buy a new dish tv connection, and come back again by taking a new dish tv with you.

And you run a free channel on your dish tv and you too much like to watch movies or any entertainment fun. but do you guys might know that is not free channels on any dish tv.

because for this, we guys give our important time, as you guys might know about how much important time in our life. when we guys watch tv serials.

now comes every 15-20 minutes Ads our television.
Forasmuch after showing ads, we can see further tv serials.


we guys learned, some about the Top 10 Indian Tv Channels, which I did explain about those all channels one by one such as channels TRP., and I told you guys about those channel numbers, which you can use with multiple dish tv.

bay the way. happen to operate a lot of channels in this world but these all channels were top channels, those are seen very much India. if you kept interested in these top 10 channels then you can try these channels.

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