UPPCL Rural Bill Pay Online- ( 2021)| Rural & Urban Bill Pay

UPPCL Rural bill pay online

Do you have a UPPCL electricity account and you want to check the electricity bill status and due amount or you want to UPPCL rural bill pay online (Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd).

If you have this type of any queries, and you want to solve this type of question. so please stay with this complete post because, in this complete post, I will tell you detailed information about the UPPCL rural bill pay online.

which you’re definitely you will get able to check and pay UPPCL rural bill pay online. and you will get able to save some time for your life. are you are interested related to it, so let’s go to start and know how to do it.

Are you excited to know how we can do Electricity bill pay online, with this, you want to know about how we can receive some discount on your electricity bill with help of the Official Website of UPPCL.

So please read this complete article because you will learn to complete this all information according to this post, and with this, you learn how we can pay Uppcl Rural Bill by using the Bank debit & credit-debit card or net banking modes.

would you like to know about this all information, so please read the below all paragraphs related to it. because I will mention all information in the below paragraphs

1.0.1 What is the UPPCL website?

According to this heading, I will mention completely info related to the UPPCL website in this content that what is UPPCL (Uttar Pradesh power corporation LImited).

UPPCL website is an electricity website is designed just for only Uttar Pradesh, which through we can check these all conditions. such as,

  • Apply for a new electricity connection.
  • Check application status online.
  • Check electricity bill balance.
  • pay electricity bill payment online.
  • self Generate electricity bill receipt.
  • Check old electricity bill payment. (etc)

But conditions apply to use this all information on the UPPCL website. I mean to say that according to the UPPCL website can we check these all details just only for UP (state).

Because this is not valid for other states. so you’re a UPPCL electricity account holder so that check these all details and UPPCL rural & Urban bill pay.

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2.0.1 Why we should electricity bills payment online?

if you are getting of online electricity bill payment service from your home so that, why we should not doing such, I say that we should be doing such. Yes! Because by doing this, we will get a lot of profit. such as,

  • save the time of your life.
  • not go to the electricity bill office.
  • not face any problem.
  • pay bill online 10-20 seconds in. (etc)

Do you really want to take these all profits by doing online electricity bill payments? so you can go to with UPPCL rural bill pay official website.

Because according to this website we will get able to electricity bill pay online a very easily, that also with some discount but give attention here because you will not get discount Frequently from here.

but you can get a discount anytime from here. but should be run any type of discount yojana by of the Government, without it, you can do not take any type of discount.

3.0.1 Get a Discount on the UPPCL rural bill pay?

It requirement happens all the people of this world, that want to take the discount at any type of online bill payment. if you also want to take some discount on your electricity bill payment.

so stay with this complete content because I will tell you guys that site which through we can take some discount to your Online Electricity bill pay. would you like to take this discount. so you can read the bottom paragraph.

but in this paragraph, I will mention some info about the UPPCL site, from where we can take a discount on self electricity bill payment.

4.0.1 UPPCL Rural & Urban bill pay online?

Does not matter that you’re living in a Rural and Urban area but it matters which state you live in because this post only to Uttar Pradesh state peoples of the electricity account holder.

If you belong to any other state, so you can leave this article to read, I think that you will not provide any type of value to this post for you. we hope that you’ve understood, which I want to understand you according to this text.

if you are from Uttar Pradesh so it post is good for you because, in this content, I will provide you some valuable information with complete details related to UPPCL rural bill pay.

which through, you will get able to pay electricity bill online with a simple process, that too at the home by using a self smartphone.

Are you excited to know how we can pay electricity bill payment at the home? without facing any problems, so please read this post continue.

but before we guys will be talking about some topics, would you like to talk related to these topics. such as

  • Make a new UPPCL account.
  • sufficient balance in your account.
  • Uppcl Online Bill pays Rural and Urban areas.

Create a new UPPCL Account?

Are you really want to UPPCL bill pay online for Rural areas. so before that, you must have a UPPCL account, because, after this only, you will get able to pay electricity bill online from home.
without it is not possible.

So let’s start to make a new UPPCL account, if you have already a UPPCL account then you can do ignore this process because this process is valid only for new users.

Step (1):

To make a new UPPCL account, we have to go to the official website of UPPCL, and fillup some personal info. so let’s go to know all the information one by one. what is that info?

which for you can take help of the google result, but you do not want to do all this, and you want to redirect on that page from here, then I will give you an anchor text link with the help of you will arrive.

Official website of the UPPC

So please click on the Anchar link, as soon as you’ll click this link, you will be reach done a redirect to the home page of the UPPCL website.

So please click on the Anchar link, as soon as you’ll click this link, you will be reach done a redirect to the home page of the UPPCL website. which you will see something like this, so check the below image related to it.

in which, you will get the first option of the Login, and then click on this button. as soon as you will click on this option, likewise will be open a new page on our front.

Login page of the UPPCL website

And you will get a REGISTER NOW BUTTON, on which simply click once, now will open a new page on our front. which will have to fill all information one by one according to all boxes. so let’s go to start to fill in all details.

Step (2)

  • Account number: So please insert your correct UPPCL electricity bill account number, it happens at least 12 (731912112491) digit numbers, so please check the mentally. you will get this account number to your electricity bill receipt.
  • Password:  Make your strong password in this box, to make a strong password, you can take with help of some specials characters and numbers. but so please keep the attention of one talk because this password should be at least 8-10 characters. so I am giving an example to make a strong password (RTnm@3322$9886), he is not allowed to the special character %.
  • Confirm password:  insert your same password in this box.
  • Full name:    whatever your name is, so please insert your full name in this box. for example, suppose that is my name is Laxman prasad, so it will be my full name is Mr. Laxman Prasad. okay?
  • Mobile Number:   Please provide your correct mobile number, I mean to say that you insert your running mobile number here. because you will receive an OTP (one-time-password) number to login into the UPPCL account.
  • Primary email:  insert your primary email here, which is verified with your google play store of your mobile phone because you will get able to receive all SMS, emails in your email inbox from the UPPCL website.
  • Secret Question:   Please select one secret Question according to this box. which you know the answer to.
  • Secret answer:  Give you a secret answer to your secret question.
  • Check-in:   the first box, check-in. it means that you want to receive SMS on your mobile phone related to your electricity bill payment alert, and then, check in the second box. it means that you are allowed that you want to receive any type of email related to the UPPCL account in your email inbox.
  • Image verification:   it’s a captcha code, is not an image. through we can do verify your Unique detail, and you’re valid to make a new UPPCL account, so please insert the captcha code in the just below box.
  • Terms & conditions:    please check-in, the terms & conditions of the UPPCL website.

after filling these all information, you are ready to do new registration on the UPPCL site. after this, you will get three options below on this page.

but you will do click on the REGISTER option or button, as soon as you will click the button, likewise, you will do successfully register on the UPPPCL website. and you will tell you that your registration has been successful.

UPPCL Rural Bill Payment Status?

As you guys might know that some people forget that he did electricity bill pay or not, so it’s very important for any UPPCL account holder that how to check the electricity bill status.

this information is I told in the other post, which I did explain the complete information with images. if you have to keep interested to know this information so please check and read that previous post. (check online status)

check electricity bill status online

UPPCL Rural bill check?

Sometimes happen such that want to pay the electricity bill pay online, so it’s very important for us that how much amount of electricity to pay. I mean to say that due amount.

so you want to check the electricity due amount, before online paying the amount. so please read this post, because according to this post, I understand that how we can check this position. ( check due amount)

6.0.1 Bill pay online to Rural or Urban?

if you’re excited to know about how we can UPPCL rural bill pay online, so please read this content completely because, in this content, I will mention all detail related to the electricity bill payment online.

if you have a requirement for this detail or information, so let’s go with me.

(first step):

So for this, first of all, we have to go to the UPPCL website. and then we click the LOGIN BUTTON, which now will ask you about your account number and password. please provide your correct UPPCL account and password.

after filling all this, you will get an option of GENERATE OTP, on which simply click and wait for a few seconds. you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.

just copy this OTP and past it in the OTP box. and then click the Login button below.

you will be Entered on the dashboard of your electricity account. which you will appear something like this, and you will get your 12 digit number account option on that page. on which simply click.

UPPCL rural bill payment status

The second step:

such as,

  • Account information.
  • Consumption history.
  • Bill history.
  • Self-bill Generation.
  • Payment history.
  • Complaint Registration.
  • Services request.
  • Calculation.
  • And My connection.

And you will get many options to control the electricity account. but we want to know about how to pay bills online to Rural & urban areas.

for which, we have to just page scroll down, and you will get an option of the PAY YOUR BILL ONLINE. on which you will simply click. and provide your correct information related to your electricity account. and then click on the PAY NOW button below.

UPPCL rural bill pay

now you will be done redirect the next page. where you will get a lot of options to do pay an electricity bill online. such as,

  • Debit card.
    Wallet/cash card.

but here I will tell you about a BOB BANK DEBIT CARD. so you must have a bank debit card before doing an electricity bill payment online. we hope that you have a bank debit card. so let’s go to the next process.

Fill in all detail of the bank debit card.

Now we will be filling in all detail one by one related to a bank debit card. to know about all detail that what to fill.

  • Card number: in this box, you will insert your bank debit card number.(2424 3535 8854 6563).
  • Expiry date: Please provide the correct month and year of your bank debit card, in this box. ( 03/1999)!
  • CVV/CVC:  in this box, you can do insert CVC/CVV (3 digit numbers) of your bank debit. this CVV number you will get behind to a bank debit card.
  • Cardholder name:  Insert correct cardholder name, I mean to say that the name is on your bank debit card.

After filling these all information, you will get just below the option of the MAKE PAYMENT, on which to do click.

Again you will be done redirect to the next page related to your bank debit card. where you will be asked about your OTP ( one-time-password). it OTP you will be received on your Register mobile number.

Now copy the OPT number, and past the OTP in the OTP box. and click the SUBMIT button. as soon as you will click on this option, likewise, you will receive a message, in which you will be told that your payment process has been successful.

So friends, we something like this we can do the electricity bill payment online. if you have any questions related to it, so you can tell me by comment.

MY opinion on this process:

if you too a UPPCL electricity account holder and you want to UPPCL rural bill pay online, and you’ve not time to go to the electricity office. and you want to pay for electricity bill payment.

so it’s the best option for you to pay your electricity bill payment online. whose all information I have told in detail, in this complete post.

So you check the complete post and save some moments in your life to do other expensive work.

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